Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Day of Obligation

Finally, I am leaving my job at the university to seek for greener pasture! After leaving the job, it's time to spend my remaining time left in KL wisely perhaps for about 2 weeks. This is going to be my first time leaving behind heavy loads of memories and have no idea about when I will be back. Anyway, ......

Today and tomorrow are the important days for me as well as others who have the same faith. It's always All Saints' Day on every first of Nov and All Souls' Day on the second for the Catholics. Since many years ago, my mum bought me a book "Lives of Saints". This was the only book that I have finished from the first to the last page. And when we talk about Saints, many would know that they are the Holy Ones. So what motivates me to continue reading was actually how they lived their life in holiness. How they inspired me was really important because it makes me to become useful person in the society. Not only that, there is always miracles among the Saints. I believe many people would have heard about the mummies, but how about the "Incorruptible"? It may come to your surprise when you discover the truth about why their body can be preserved for many hundreds of years!

And when it comes to All Souls, it is the day where we pay our visit to the graveyards. To remember our loved ones is really important because without them, it would be without us living here on earth eventually. It is virtually the same as Ching Ming for the Buddists and First day of Raya for the Muslims. Besides, we may also share some memories and gather with the people whom we do not often meet e.g. relatives. True? So visiting the graveyards is not merely just about visiting the graveyards! =)

Looks like it's time for me to figure out what to pack from today onward! Cheers and have fun!

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