Friday, 11 November 2011

It's Time For A Change

I am done at the university finally and it's time to move on to a new working environment. I really really really hope that it will be by the beach! I really really really want it so badly. But too bad, rumors are spreading around saying that only 3 places are available only and only one is by the sea. 

Last McD meal before I left the University

Oh gosh! I never have a break at home since I have finished my stuff at the university. And I even haven't pass up my last report to the lecturer. Busy week ahead, spending quality time with close friends and family is really important. -------------------- Friday night - occupied; Saturday - occupied; Sunday - occupied again. And even Monday night, no excuse! Tuesday is going to be a good rest day and Wednesday is reserved for my U'mates. --------------------------- How about food?! I guess I have drilled most of the taste in my mind now. From Mamak Mee Goreng, to SR's Chocholate Mud Cake. Food from Alor Setar, Kedah all the way down to KL. And you know what, kill 2 birds with one stone at Pudu just now. You definitely can't run away from famous Chinese-speaking mamak cendol with Pan Cake (behind the post office). It's going to be a pizza day tonight!! Yahoo! And now, left with 2 more before I leave KL! Ha-ha.. But I was wondering, how come everyone is treating me as though as I won't be back to KL in near future?! If so, I will leave KL perhaps Malaysia more often in years to come. =p

Mission accomplished! Ready to go now without packing any stuff yet! =p

Enjoy and have a nice day. Happy weekends for my friends from Kedah and Kelantan! =)

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