Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Should I Be Selfish This Time?

Sometimes I can't really decide when is it right and when is it wrong?
Should I continue to be like that or shoudn't I?
Or should I be selfish this time?

I know that I will not be happy in near future and even wouldn't be happy forever if i continue to be like that. I always know that it is always responsibility which kicks me out of the boxing ring but I am too weak to fight back. Ok, fine! I don't mind to do things which I don't prefer but it becomes frustrating when my effort is not appreciated and get rejected everytime. Anyway, should I come up with a conclusion now or I should continue to be like that?

Should I be selfish this time?

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Thursday, 23 July 2009

My Research Project - Part 1

After I have been figuring for so so so long whether should I take up the research project, I got the answer finally.....
As before, I have been having the thoughts of taking up the research project since week 1, but I know that I surely can't cope up with my studies if I take up the research project as I have an event to organised for my society. It's really a MUST event for me because I have no way to run from this "responsibility". So I have been starting to have meetings and putting in 99% effort to do my best for that event. Since then, I didn't think of taking up the research project anymore.
As I am preparing the UCSIUPSS budget for this upcoming AGM as well, I get to know that the head of school has cancelled off my event. This is because the head of school prefers us to join the university's prom night and moreover there will be more resources funded by the university, so it will be more GRAND. Ok, that's fine with me as I always think for the pros and the cons. I feel that the pros and the cons are equal, so I let the surroundings to influence me and the cons got the "victory". Thus, I am free from any "responsibity". My life will be study, lab work and come back and sleep.
A few days later, it comes to my delight when I heard that the dateline for the research project application has been extended. That's where I started to look for information about all the 7 choices given by the school. Too bad that I am a bit late to hand in my form because someone else has taken my first choice, so I got to take a research project whereby I need to deal with 20 rats. Haha.. Actually it's all about toxicity studies of a herbal product. I don't mind dealing with rats compared to frogs. Yucks.. With their slimy skin. Just having bad feeling when you have it in your hands and without a glove too. Ok ok, don't think about it already. Anyway, I hope that I can enjoy the process of doing my first undergrate research project.
Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Public Health Campaign in Sunway Pyramid - 3rd to 5th of July

After finishing my final touch on the PHC final financial report, it looks like it’s time for me to concentrate on my studies. But before I move on updating anything about my studies, I think I should give some updates about an event which was 2 weeks ago. Haha.. I am terribly sorry for those who have been waited for this since long time ago.
About 2 weeks back which was on the 3rd to 5th of July 2009, my faculty actually organised an event, the 8th Annual Public Health Campaign at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. The aim of this event was to disseminate health-related information to the public, doing free screening tests, entertaining the kids etc. The response was quite good as we hit 1963 customers during that 3 days event.

Launching of the Event by the VVIPs

The "Heart" for the Opening Ceremony. Kudos

Various Screening Test Counters

Exhibition Site ~ All About Diabetes
Compunding Counter ~ Compounding Emulsion
Demonstration by the Medic Students
As from my personal opinion, I have actually learnt a lot of things. I have no regret in working so hard for this event as the outcome that we have gotten was far beyond my expectation. It was really an eye opener for every working staff as this is the kind of environment and society that we are going to face in the future. Building up good relationships and dealing well with the customers are important so that they can gain full confidence easily in us. Though it was a bit sad for the working members as they can’t go for the outdoor mini concert by Eason on Saturday but good comments by the public has paid a good price for it already.
The Crowd
The Working Staff
Thanks and have a nice day^^

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

"Ouchhh.. wtf**"

After putting my hands off the pen for lectures; after putting my hands off the spoon for meals and it is then time to get my hands on the steering wheel to head home. As for today, it is a bit unfortunate that I get my car into some minor injures. But the most frustrated part is when the truck driver didn’t even stop and apologies or anything. This shows that how ignorant are drivers nowadays especially heavy vehicles’ drivers. I was so "shocked" but not "shiok" at that moment until I have forgotten to write down his car number. Anyway, he just got out of my sight within 3 seconds once I got down the car. Being harmed by reckless drivers is considered as the most innocent incident that can happen on the road.
I know that this isn’t usual for the passengers in my car. I can consider that it is worse than playing 10x roller coaster when the truck strikes the side of my car. Anyway, I hope that this doesn’t create any trauma for them. “If lets say I happen to meet this driver in the future seeking for help, I will have no sense of sympathy for him at all. I will turn him from a HERO to a ZERO!”
Ok, it is now time to think how to repair the damage. Enjoy and have a nice day..

Monday, 13 July 2009

"We Shall Meet On That Beautiful Shore.."

"In this sweet, bye and bye,
We shall meet on that beautiful shore;
In this sweet, bye and bye,
We shall meet on that beautiful shore."

For the past few years, I have been serving for more than 15 funeral services, infant baptisms and even wedding masses in the church. There's always sadness and there's also always gladness. I used to see people cry, I used to see people laugh and I even see some will shout in joy. As for today, I served for a funeral service this morning but it was kinda different from those previous funeral services. I feel that the church today is filled with sadness and sorrows. Ok, I know that this is normal but i can't sense there is a mind of peacefulness. I nearly unable to control my emotions but i tell myself that "I should not fall into deep sadness" (as I used to tell myself everytime when I go for funeral services), only then I was able to hold my tears.
I still remember there was once I served for a funeral service on a New Year morning, it's really first of January. My father screwed me upside down on the phone when I told my mum that I was going back late at that time. He said that I shouldn't be going for these kind of ceremonies on a new year day as it will bring me bad luck, so on and so fore. But I insisted on serving for the funeral service as that is part of my duty. Secondly, I am not superstitious at all. Frankly speaking, I hate 风水as this is just a channel of earning big money by calling you to buy this and that. And thirdly is that I know that death is always unpredictable. This is really true! There was not even once I know when my grandmas were going off at that time. Absolutely! I don't mind anyone saying that I am too devoted into doing this kind of jobs in the church. Maybe I am some kind of weirdoooooo that do not really go thro' a normal teenager's life... Anyway, it is up to everyone to think about it, everyone has their own opinion. Most importantly is stand strong on your stand!

P.S. Kwong Fei.. Sorry that I still not able to get those PHC's picture up here yet. Please give me some more time ya.. HAHA.. Hopefully I can get the pictures up by Wednesday or Thursday..

All the best and have a nice day.. Cheers^^

Friday, 10 July 2009

It's Near Weekend but There's No Rest Yet

My class just resumed for about 1week only and I am already super duper tired. Friday is the most tiring day of the week in this semester as i have more than 6hours lectures cumulatively starting from 8am till 6 something in the evening. Thus after the class, I have only one thing in my mind which is going back home as soon as possible. But it was really terrible today...
I was so exhausted, so exhausted and so exhausted after having the last lecture, I just kept my mind clear that I want to go back even though it was raining heavily. Luckily there was a good Samaritan who picked me up to get my car because I used to park my car outside of the university due to "unavoidable circumstances". Then I began to drive off at high speed into the highway. As usual, when it rains, working people used to leave their office early and that is when all the traffic jams started. I know that sometimes accidents along the road are unavoidable due to some road users' negligence but the sad part is those busy-bodies tend to clog up the bottle-neck and doing nothing. I just feel like being a GIANT and throw off their cars away from the road but too bad that I do not have the power. For God's sake, I can't really think of what sense which makes them to stop by. They just do not realise that they can't help but they are just making things worse!
When it comes to things about drivers, I am sure many people are frustrated against certain categories of road drivers nowadays. Firstly, I am sure that many people will hate those drivers who change driving lane without giving any signals or indications. Secondly are those drivers who drive in the fast or innermost lane with a super duper slow speed whereby cars used to drive very fast or exceeding the speed limit in that lane. And lastly, I really want to curse them because they used to drive in the emergency lane when it's traffic jam. And again for God's sake, can't they be a bit more rational to think for those who need the emergency lane more! I really do not know what is the natural tendency which makes them driving in the emergency lane and where is their comment sense. Maybe it is fortunate enough that they still know how to handle the steering wheel and do not cause any havoc. Ok, I just make this a bit more general as to avoid racism, gender discrimination etc. No one or no either one party is mentioned or to be blamed, everyone should take the blame!
It's a bit sad that my study week doesn't end on Friday as I am having classes on Saturdays too. Wish me all the best and good luck!
Enjoy and have a nice weekend..

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Final Tribute to "The King of Pop"

After getting to bed early last night and woke up at 1 something in the morning just to watch MJ's memorial service live is really worthy. I admit that it's much worthy than waking up in the middle of the night to watch champions league final. I know that many people around the world were tuned into streaming live television at that same moment. Luckily that the line is not that bad as there was no interuption during the buffering.
The memorial service went on for more than 2hours whereby numerous celebraties were given the honour to give their performances and speeches. After each speech, there were song tributes for MJ. Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz have sang one of MJ's famous song which is "I'll be there" and even Stevie Wonders gave his very fine performance tribute to MJ. The last 2songs were "We Are the World" (featuring Lionel Richie) and "Heal the World". It was a very touching and solemn performance by everyone. I still remember there was one of the phrase for him, "He is the king yet a king, the king never stop healing with his songs." He is an ideal musical icon who heals the world, fight against violence, uniting all blacks and whites and fight against HIV/AIDS.

Michael Jackson Memorial Service Mariah CareyTrey Lorenz:

Michael Jackson Memorial Service Stevie Wonder:

Jermaine Jackson performs "Smile":

Michael Jackson Memorial Service Usher:

Shaheen Jafargholi Michael Jackson Tribute:

Michael Jackson Memorial - "We Are The World/Heal The World":

At the very last moment, his beloved Paris delivered her last words for her dad. Absolutely touching..
♪ Smile - Charlie Chaplin (one of MJ's favourite song)

"There's nothing can be done if we raise our voice as one....."

**There will be a repeat of this memorial service at 10.15pm on 8TV malaysian television.

May his soul rest in peace.. Enjoy and have a nice day..

Monday, 6 July 2009

2073 8th PHC

Finally, everything has came to an end. After doing my final treasury report for this 8th Public Health Campaign, I can say "bye bye" to big events already. It's time to concentrate on my studies before starting to plan for the PharmNight 2010. It was a very great event whereby we had 1663 customers on the final day. Hence, in total for all the events for this year is 2073 customers. I am very sure that this number can satisfy all the working members after putting in hard effort......., but how true is it?
Anyway, as long as I have gave the best of me for this event is sufficient enough. I am very satisfy with the result though I know that it is not my desired result. Maybe it is because I have set the target bar too high already. But I am very relieved after getting good comments from the public. As I know that more than 90% of the public really appreciate with what we have did for them. In conclusion, I just have one wish which is I hope that everyone can learn something from this event.
Enjoy and have a nice day

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

This Is All About Life Again

Sometimes, relationship between male and female can be very complicated....
Often when it comes to break-ups, the guys will always get the blames. I admit that this is true as guys are sometimes very "gatal". But this is the first time that I am putting the blame on the girl side although she is one of my good friend.
Being too "controlled" for the excuse for break-ups
is really ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous!
When the guys do not take care well of their girlfriends, the girls will complain that the guys are not caring enough; but when the guys really do take care well of their girlfriends, the girls will say that they are being "controlled". Within months later, the girl is out with another guy. Ok, ok! I know it wouldn't be fair if I just talk this about the girls, it goes the same to the guys also. But i really have no comment on her..
Often i do not want to know about anyone's personal life as i do not want to complicate any situation or influence any one's life. Same goes to how people treat me. I know that it is frustrating if you are not satisfy about another person but what can you do? You can just accept the fact that that person has this kind of personality/attitude. You can't change his/her mind-set, you can't change his/her attitude, and please don't ever think that he/she will change because of you. That's the fact. What you can do is be patient and keep one eye closes when you are dealing with that so-called "idiot"! ("Idiot" is just a consolation).
This is the real world that we are dealing;
this is about the real society that we are going to face in the future.
Life is meaningful when it is challenging!
Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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