Monday, 13 July 2009

"We Shall Meet On That Beautiful Shore.."

"In this sweet, bye and bye,
We shall meet on that beautiful shore;
In this sweet, bye and bye,
We shall meet on that beautiful shore."

For the past few years, I have been serving for more than 15 funeral services, infant baptisms and even wedding masses in the church. There's always sadness and there's also always gladness. I used to see people cry, I used to see people laugh and I even see some will shout in joy. As for today, I served for a funeral service this morning but it was kinda different from those previous funeral services. I feel that the church today is filled with sadness and sorrows. Ok, I know that this is normal but i can't sense there is a mind of peacefulness. I nearly unable to control my emotions but i tell myself that "I should not fall into deep sadness" (as I used to tell myself everytime when I go for funeral services), only then I was able to hold my tears.
I still remember there was once I served for a funeral service on a New Year morning, it's really first of January. My father screwed me upside down on the phone when I told my mum that I was going back late at that time. He said that I shouldn't be going for these kind of ceremonies on a new year day as it will bring me bad luck, so on and so fore. But I insisted on serving for the funeral service as that is part of my duty. Secondly, I am not superstitious at all. Frankly speaking, I hate 风水as this is just a channel of earning big money by calling you to buy this and that. And thirdly is that I know that death is always unpredictable. This is really true! There was not even once I know when my grandmas were going off at that time. Absolutely! I don't mind anyone saying that I am too devoted into doing this kind of jobs in the church. Maybe I am some kind of weirdoooooo that do not really go thro' a normal teenager's life... Anyway, it is up to everyone to think about it, everyone has their own opinion. Most importantly is stand strong on your stand!

P.S. Kwong Fei.. Sorry that I still not able to get those PHC's picture up here yet. Please give me some more time ya.. HAHA.. Hopefully I can get the pictures up by Wednesday or Thursday..

All the best and have a nice day.. Cheers^^

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