Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Public Health Campaign in Sunway Pyramid - 3rd to 5th of July

After finishing my final touch on the PHC final financial report, it looks like it’s time for me to concentrate on my studies. But before I move on updating anything about my studies, I think I should give some updates about an event which was 2 weeks ago. Haha.. I am terribly sorry for those who have been waited for this since long time ago.
About 2 weeks back which was on the 3rd to 5th of July 2009, my faculty actually organised an event, the 8th Annual Public Health Campaign at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. The aim of this event was to disseminate health-related information to the public, doing free screening tests, entertaining the kids etc. The response was quite good as we hit 1963 customers during that 3 days event.

Launching of the Event by the VVIPs

The "Heart" for the Opening Ceremony. Kudos

Various Screening Test Counters

Exhibition Site ~ All About Diabetes
Compunding Counter ~ Compounding Emulsion
Demonstration by the Medic Students
As from my personal opinion, I have actually learnt a lot of things. I have no regret in working so hard for this event as the outcome that we have gotten was far beyond my expectation. It was really an eye opener for every working staff as this is the kind of environment and society that we are going to face in the future. Building up good relationships and dealing well with the customers are important so that they can gain full confidence easily in us. Though it was a bit sad for the working members as they can’t go for the outdoor mini concert by Eason on Saturday but good comments by the public has paid a good price for it already.
The Crowd
The Working Staff
Thanks and have a nice day^^

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