Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Final Tribute to "The King of Pop"

After getting to bed early last night and woke up at 1 something in the morning just to watch MJ's memorial service live is really worthy. I admit that it's much worthy than waking up in the middle of the night to watch champions league final. I know that many people around the world were tuned into streaming live television at that same moment. Luckily that the line is not that bad as there was no interuption during the buffering.
The memorial service went on for more than 2hours whereby numerous celebraties were given the honour to give their performances and speeches. After each speech, there were song tributes for MJ. Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz have sang one of MJ's famous song which is "I'll be there" and even Stevie Wonders gave his very fine performance tribute to MJ. The last 2songs were "We Are the World" (featuring Lionel Richie) and "Heal the World". It was a very touching and solemn performance by everyone. I still remember there was one of the phrase for him, "He is the king yet a king, the king never stop healing with his songs." He is an ideal musical icon who heals the world, fight against violence, uniting all blacks and whites and fight against HIV/AIDS.

Michael Jackson Memorial Service Mariah CareyTrey Lorenz:

Michael Jackson Memorial Service Stevie Wonder:

Jermaine Jackson performs "Smile":

Michael Jackson Memorial Service Usher:

Shaheen Jafargholi Michael Jackson Tribute:

Michael Jackson Memorial - "We Are The World/Heal The World":

At the very last moment, his beloved Paris delivered her last words for her dad. Absolutely touching..
♪ Smile - Charlie Chaplin (one of MJ's favourite song)

"There's nothing can be done if we raise our voice as one....."

**There will be a repeat of this memorial service at 10.15pm on 8TV malaysian television.

May his soul rest in peace.. Enjoy and have a nice day..

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