Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Owls' Cafe @ Bukit Jalil, KL

The Owls' Cafe is one of the hot spot for coffee and waffles in KL nowadays. I guess many people have been to this place even before I blog about this place. It seems that the cafe is always 50-60% filled with customers although it's a weekday at all time. They have quite a impressive menu of waffles but the price is a bit expensive but the coffee is still reasonable. 

Special Iced Coffee and a cup of Latte

Rebecca Waffle.. Beautiful piece of dessert, not too sweet and goes well with a slab of ice cream of every bite of the waffle.

Good place to hang out in the evening, good ambiance but difficult to find parking around that area! And keep in mind that they are closed on every Monday!

Enjoy and have a nice day.. =)

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Shamrock Irish Bar @ Waterfront, KK

Waterfront KK is always the famous place to hang out at night especially for both locals and tourist! I have tried out a number of places there for dinner but so far none actually worth to go back as the food was very common but expensive. But this is my first time being here at Shamrock Irish Bar though it has been there for many years, I guess! Just thought of bring Susan out for a drink as well on Merdeka Day! =) The menu is pretty simple, so it's quite easy to decide on what to eat! Live band only starts around 9 pm.

Stout during Happy Hour (until 8 pm) 

 Ribeye Steak (RM 40+) Portion is big and it's nicely done according to what we requested.

Grilled Chicken Breast (RM 20 +) Quite simple but nice and juicy (not the dry type!!) in the inside, served with white sauce!

Overall the food was great and the price is quite reasonable as well. The bill was about RM 120 for 2 mains, 1 pint of stout (happy hour) and half pint Kilkenny. I will come back to this place definitely. 

Enjoy and have a nice day!

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