Thursday, 16 May 2013

Where Do We Stand?

Just having some mixed feelings when the holiday is about to end. I don't think I meet anyone because I was too lazy to call anyone out. I guess I have had enough of rest and it's time to  get myself up and get back on track after being lazy for the past one week!

Phew. When you see this kind of title, it is definitely related to the post-GE! Sad that different comments from different parties had ignited the sensitive issues about the races in the country. I am definitely not happy what has happened to the recent GE but "what has happened, just let it happen"! Because they are just the bosses, "the harder you fight, the more resistance they are"! Just be patient! I am sure that we can get what we have been waiting for during the next GE! Just pray hard for the coming 4-5 years! Stay harmonious in the community among you and get life back on track! We are one nation, a very happy united nation!!

Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Got to Get Back on Track!

I just realised that I have abandoned this for almost 2 months. I guess having a partner to spend time with shouldn't be a valid excuse for this. Ha-ha. Yea, I am attached finally. No more gay or homosexual stories from me anymore! Hmm. Many had changed for the past 2 months. Changes from my personal life, to the working life and even what is happening in the country! I really don't support with the party who did all the wrong doings to form and represent the country but we have no choice. Just pray hard that in unite we can become stronger in near future and form a bigger coalition to fight against them! We just want a CHANGE! We just want FAIR and JUSTICE! We just want HARMONY!

p.s. Will try to update more soon!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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