Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hey, You Are Cheating On Me! (2)

Just too busy with homework, exams and so on. Insufficient sleep has already been a norm for myself and my classmates, hopefully everything can end within 1 year time. Anyway, I am so glad that weekend is just around the corner. So just continue with what I have mentioned in the previous post!

7 Increasingly away from home - Has there been a sudden increase in long hours at work? Does he/she seem to be spending an unusual amount of time with their friends recently?

8 Indifference in the home - If your spouse/ partner has seemingly lost interest in activities like spending time with the children or the family and maintaining the home, they may be bored with family life and seeking simple pleasures elsewhere.

9 Changes in grooming and appearance - While there are many reasons to want to look and feel better, often times a new lover can be the impetus behind a new hairstyle or sharper attire.

10 Physical signs upon returning home - Does your partner avoid eye contact or rush upstairs to take a shower upon returning home? Lipstick on collar, unknown perfume or cologne and dishevelled clothing in general could mean your spouse/ partner is engaging in "extra-curricular" activities.

11 Missing wedding ring - Sometimes we overlook the obvious. Has your spouse/ partner stopped wearing the wedding ring or something which you gave which is very significant to him/ her recently? Have you given your partner any other jewellery that they are suddenly no longer wearing?

12 Clues in the car - Some of the many clues you can look for in the car are receipts, cigarette butts, foreign smells, moved passenger seat, changes in clothing in the trunk, unexplained mileage, removed car seat and other personal effects that may indicate a person is in a relationship.

If you find many items on this list of 12 seem all too familiar, don't tip your hand just yet. Confronting a spouse/ partner with no proof can be backfiring, so be prepared to gather evidence and force the facts. Just something additional, do you think you would be happy to be another person for the sake of someone? Living a good, happy and healty life is about expressing well about yourself naturally but not about living in stress to cope up with others.

Enjoy and have a nice day..

Friday, 24 September 2010

Hey, You Are Cheating On Me! (1)

Hey, guys! I got this article last week from the newspaper. It is an interesting one. Though it applies to spouses but I am sure that it is practically suitable for partners who are not married yet as well. It's all about life!

So, first 6 things (part 1) to watch out if your spouse/ partner is cheating on you:-

1- Lack of Intimacy
Sex and intimacy is an important part of a relationship. A noticeable change or loss of interest in this area definitely points to a problem in your relationship.

2- Not allowed to contact them at work
If your partner has requested that you no longer visit or call him/ her at work, there may be reason other than the boss is strict.

3- Friends and co-workers behave oddly
Your partner's friends and co-workers may know about a secret relationship, and thus act strangely in your presence because they are uncomfortable looking you in the eye and lying to you.

4- Excessive computer use
A good deal of cheating taken place right at home over the internet. Signs to look for locked screen, your spouse/ partner quickly switching screens when you enter a room, or spending excessive time on the computer.

5- Private mobile phone use
Just like the computer, a mobile phone can be one of the tools your spouse/ partner uses to engage in undisclosed activities. Watch out for secret phone calls and excessive texting.

6- Negative attitude
Typically a cheater will be overly loving and sweet to you in the beginning but that quickly turns to finding fault with you as your spouse/ partner tries to mentally justify his or her action.

I have actually thought of being a psychologist whom expertise in the field of LOVE, but there is no such course in this world. Anyway, girls! I am not sure about how true this is! If you happened to chase a guy and you became the first love of that guy, then the relationship didn't seem to work out for you after some time and you suggested to break off. So, do you think that guy can afford to lose you with just a word of "Sorry"? Remember, guys can also be very fragile!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

15th Day of 8th Lunar Month

I can really remember a lot of those excitements which I had many years ago. WHen I had my so-called brother (also my neighbour since I was 6years old), we had many great times together. Not forgetting about the days when Lantern festival was just around the corner.

Lantern festival for us was not about playing lanterns and eating moon-cake under the bright round moon. We had a secret hide-out place around those factories behind our houses. So we usually hang around our hide-out place after our dinner time. What we had there was just boxes of colourful candles, a big Milo tin and match box. I am sure you might be thinking that we were drug addicts because these were those necessary needs for them. But you are WRONG! Many things you can do with them, you can "cook", you can make dangerous stunts with fire and many other things which were beyond your imagination.

Then I remembered once we actually made torches and adventured that whole area of those factories and office blocks. We wanted some kind of "Resident Evil" feel, but it really disappointed all of us because the scariest part was not about meeting "zombies". Ha-ha. I can still recall that there was this security guard chasing after us after we tried to play a fool out of him. Damn it! But luckily we had him, or else we could have missed out some live "moving" action on one of the trailer which parked along the quiet road. Anyway, we didn't enjoy much though we saw the back part of their naked bodies as we really didn't know what was happening. We were just too innocent at that time. But when we think back, they were actually offering some free adult shows! Pheww... What an influence!

As years went by, no more candles for us. We preferred cyber cafes and drinking sessions. So, that was my so-called first live "moving" action show. Damn!!!

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Life After Death Is Not About Sadness

I like to see the SEA, the very blue sea. I am sure that many people would like it too! It is always calm, relaxing and you will have a peace of mind when you hear the sounds of the waves hitting the shore.

When I was on my journey back to KL, I saw something very interesting. I saw a mother with her small little child throwing ashes of "someone" by the sea. It didn't seem to be a very sad occasion for them. Maybe I was just assuming that they were setting a person free "after death". It's good that they can really accept the fact. Life, it is a cycle which one will live生, aged老, sicked病 and die死. I am sure that you and I will go through the same cycle. It is all in His hands. I remembered when my grandma passed away, I was very sad because I was close to her. Same went to my mum.

But when I heard the song,

"Just a closer walk with thee,
grant it Jesus this my plea;
daily walking close with thee,
let is be dear Lord, let it be..."

I knew that she was with Him already.

Cry is not a sin but SADNESS is definitely a defeat to you! It is really hard to control emotions especially in occasions which our love ones leave us behind. But we must always think from another point of view. It may be a good thing e.g. taking away all his/her sufferings if he/she returns to God's kingdom. Or maybe He knows that he/she is "tired" already and it is time to "leave" But our life still goes on. And when we die, I am sure that we would not want people around us to cry for us as well. So keep in mind that, death is no more a new thing for us. It is alright to be sad during mourning period, but don't let emotions overpower yourself for long time.

Enjoy and have a nice day...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Does It Really Matter?

I woke up early this morning, thought of going to the library to print out some of my stuff. What to do, I want to save up money for my graduation trip! I am putting my vision far ahead, hopefully it can be a success. But.. but.. Unfortunately, there is only 1 usable printer this morning because there was 1 girl was using 1 of the printer for more than 1 hour. Not considerate at all! Not only that, she even allowed her friends to cut queue! I am just a bit symphatise the guy behind her. That's why I always ignore my friends when they say, "Look, she's beautiful!"

What I can say is that "No one is perfect in this world"! That girl looks fine to me but too bad that she doesn't utilise her brain well! So damn ignorant! Just too bad for that guy behind her, he nearly fell asleep. I know that she will be sneezing the whole afternoon because I am now cursing her. Ha-ha. When it comes to reality, this is not the point anymore. Because the nature of beauty is always the first criterion for a guy to choose a girl. But in a recent scientific study, it says guys are now attracted to the size of the waist compared with her hips rather than other parts of the body.

Why? Why? And why? Why not about the complexion?

It's all about chemistry and perceptions. To guys, it is actually sending a biological signal that that women is most fertile and most likely to produce a healthy offspring, no matter what size that women is. Does it sounds interesting? For female readers, maybe you can try to ask your male partner why and what attracted them to you! Ha-ha. Hopefully it would be interesting! As for male readers, does beauty really important for you?

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

It's All About Girls

It was quite sad when I told my buddies about what's my plan next year. I guess they know why I have made up such a decision. It definitely not because of the extra allowance. Anyway, 1 year is still far way! We can still enjoy a lot of precious time at cafes on weekends. Back to the topic. GIRLS!

When you walk on the street, it's either you will see guys or girls only. This is because God did not have the third gender in His creation list during the time of Creation. As everyone knows, guys and girls are totally 2 different "creatures" on earth from many aspects for example physical wise, mental, emotion, IQ, EQ etc. But is there any superiority among these 2 genders? I am sure many people would say "yes"! This is because they are still living in far far behind from time as compared to us. But the truth is NO! These people should accept the facts that many women are now world leaders because many girls have more patience than guys, besides scientific proven that they are smarter as well because they live in mother's womb 2 weeks more that the guys.

It is quite sad when you read back the history about people were killing baby girls because they had the mentality that the guys were more superior. Anything to do with the family, financial matter etc, the guys were always the one who decides on everything. Guys were the "manager" who managed the girls as "workers". Anyway, thanks God that things are changing. At least, guys and girls are somehow at the same "level" now. The decision makers are not solely the guys. But it will be sad when the girls over-powered the guys! Haha. This is totally unbearable! Praying hard that this not my life!

I wanted to write more but too bad it's dinner time for me. Hopefully I can come up with something more for the second part. Anyway. enjoy and have a nice day!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Lives Which Deserve To Live

I remembered watching 1 documentary yesterday. It was about the love of the parents for their crippled daugther. It was not about losing 2 limbs only, but it was also about the matter of life and death whereby the small little girl was having other disorders as well. It seemed that she will suffer even opt for surgery to rectify the problem and high chances of mortality as well. The parents were in a very confused state but luckily they were still optimistic about what is given to them.

But some people are not thankful about what God given to them! Child abuse, baby/ foetus dumping and abortion are now becoming a "trend". I remember once seeing "baby dumping" headlines for 3 consecutive days on the newspaper. All of these were mainly due to having sex before married, ignorant young couples, no proper family planning etc. This is mainly because they have the thought that it is actually a burden to them. But did they thought of that before having sex? So the easiest way is to flush down the toilet bowl or throwing in the dustbin. They wouldn't think of cruelty at this point of time!

When there is any unintended pregnancy, the girls will always get the blames. How about the guys? Is leaving the girl aside is the end of his responsibility? Think about it! Be a real man!

Have a nice weekend..

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