Thursday, 23 September 2010

15th Day of 8th Lunar Month

I can really remember a lot of those excitements which I had many years ago. WHen I had my so-called brother (also my neighbour since I was 6years old), we had many great times together. Not forgetting about the days when Lantern festival was just around the corner.

Lantern festival for us was not about playing lanterns and eating moon-cake under the bright round moon. We had a secret hide-out place around those factories behind our houses. So we usually hang around our hide-out place after our dinner time. What we had there was just boxes of colourful candles, a big Milo tin and match box. I am sure you might be thinking that we were drug addicts because these were those necessary needs for them. But you are WRONG! Many things you can do with them, you can "cook", you can make dangerous stunts with fire and many other things which were beyond your imagination.

Then I remembered once we actually made torches and adventured that whole area of those factories and office blocks. We wanted some kind of "Resident Evil" feel, but it really disappointed all of us because the scariest part was not about meeting "zombies". Ha-ha. I can still recall that there was this security guard chasing after us after we tried to play a fool out of him. Damn it! But luckily we had him, or else we could have missed out some live "moving" action on one of the trailer which parked along the quiet road. Anyway, we didn't enjoy much though we saw the back part of their naked bodies as we really didn't know what was happening. We were just too innocent at that time. But when we think back, they were actually offering some free adult shows! Pheww... What an influence!

As years went by, no more candles for us. We preferred cyber cafes and drinking sessions. So, that was my so-called first live "moving" action show. Damn!!!

Enjoy and have a nice day!

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