Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hey, You Are Cheating On Me! (2)

Just too busy with homework, exams and so on. Insufficient sleep has already been a norm for myself and my classmates, hopefully everything can end within 1 year time. Anyway, I am so glad that weekend is just around the corner. So just continue with what I have mentioned in the previous post!

7 Increasingly away from home - Has there been a sudden increase in long hours at work? Does he/she seem to be spending an unusual amount of time with their friends recently?

8 Indifference in the home - If your spouse/ partner has seemingly lost interest in activities like spending time with the children or the family and maintaining the home, they may be bored with family life and seeking simple pleasures elsewhere.

9 Changes in grooming and appearance - While there are many reasons to want to look and feel better, often times a new lover can be the impetus behind a new hairstyle or sharper attire.

10 Physical signs upon returning home - Does your partner avoid eye contact or rush upstairs to take a shower upon returning home? Lipstick on collar, unknown perfume or cologne and dishevelled clothing in general could mean your spouse/ partner is engaging in "extra-curricular" activities.

11 Missing wedding ring - Sometimes we overlook the obvious. Has your spouse/ partner stopped wearing the wedding ring or something which you gave which is very significant to him/ her recently? Have you given your partner any other jewellery that they are suddenly no longer wearing?

12 Clues in the car - Some of the many clues you can look for in the car are receipts, cigarette butts, foreign smells, moved passenger seat, changes in clothing in the trunk, unexplained mileage, removed car seat and other personal effects that may indicate a person is in a relationship.

If you find many items on this list of 12 seem all too familiar, don't tip your hand just yet. Confronting a spouse/ partner with no proof can be backfiring, so be prepared to gather evidence and force the facts. Just something additional, do you think you would be happy to be another person for the sake of someone? Living a good, happy and healty life is about expressing well about yourself naturally but not about living in stress to cope up with others.

Enjoy and have a nice day..

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