Thursday, 24 March 2016

SOULed OUT @ IMAGO, Kota Kinabalu

SOULed OUT is now in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah! It was opened about 3 months ago and I guess it's the 4th branch in Malaysia. It is located right opposite of Starbucks in Imago Shopping Mall. Besides serving alcoholic drinks, they do serve a wide varieties of food, ranging from western to chinese cuisine. So, it's definitely suitable to bring your whole family to SOULed OUT for dinner.

Sake San Pizza 8' (RM 27) A simple pizza bread with red coral lettuce and fresh salmon. Simply good and healthy!

Sirloin Steak (RM 48) Served with grilled vegetables. Not many places can prepare this according to what you order..

Total bill for 2 mains with a pint of Guinness stout was about RM 110. Remember to pay with your CIMB credit card for 10% discount on mains. ** Not sure until when will the promotion last! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Mengkabung bridge and Bukit Tirig Hike @ Telipok, Sabah (back dated on 5 March 2016)

When you talk about sun rise and sunset in Sabah, there are plenty of places for you to witness them with super natural beauty of the mountains and sea which you can't find it in KL which has a lot of tall high-rise buildings. And one of the place that I would like to introduce is Mengkabung Bridge at Telipok. This place is about 40 minutes drive towards the north from the city center provided that there is no traffic congestion. If you are using Waze or Google Map, search for Jalan Sulaiman (located along the straight road from Jalan Norowot). One thing very nice about this place is that the sun rise will come from different angles from Mt Kinabalu at different part of the year! So make sure that you find out the time for sun rise before you start your journey. =)

Time is roughly past 6 am. The sun is still hidden behind the Mt Kinabalu =)

The moon is hanging beautifully high up in the sky! It remains me the time when I was at peak of Mt Kinabalu watching the sun and moon at the same level.

We are standing exactly at the middle of the bridge because that's the nicest spot to see sun rise!

Mengkabung bridge at Jalan Sulaiman

Still waiting for the sun rise =)

Mengkabung Bridge from the bottom.

The sun is not "shy" anymore and coming out from Mt Kinabalu.

The beauty of sun rise! Just wish that the sky should be clearer.

After spending an hour at Mengkabung bridge for sun rise, we moved on to a nearby village (about 10 minutes drive), Kg Lapasan to hike Bukit Tirig. According to the locals, there are 2 ways of going to the starting point but the easiest one is definitely via the church named St. Flora and this point has more place to park your car. If you lost some where in the village, ask the villagers and they are very willingly to guide you all the way there! =) The trail is slightly less than 1 km from the starting point and it is a good way to start for those who have no stamina. If you plan to watch sunset, remember to bring your torchlight along.

Since the small hill is also used for the Way of the Cross for the nearby Catholic church (St. Flora), so you are expected to see crosses all the way up!

The last station for the Way of the Cross, means the beginning of the jungle trekking.

And we are almost there!

View from the peak! Try to spot Mengkabung Bridge!

View at the other side. And one thing, please wear long pants as you need to walk through the bushes.

Everyone made it!

Never miss a group picture! =)

Post #1 among the bushes

Post #2 among the bushes

One random shot before everyone heads down for breakfast! =)

Moving down..

(Back track of the trail) Before entering the jungle part.

(Back track of the trail) The trail has no steps so it would be a bit slippery and the trail is a bit narrow.

(Back track of the trail) The beginning of the trail. It is all sand only.

(Back track of the trail) The beginning of the trail.

(Back track of the trail) The pond at the starting point.

The place to park your car at the starting point. No many spots so it's your luck whether you get it or not!

And this is the church that I mentioned. Once you spotted this board means that you are almost there.

Enjoy and have a nice day. =)

Friday, 11 March 2016

Seafood at Pearl Garden Cafe @ Tanjung Tokong, Penang

If you are looking for fresh seafood with reasonable pricing at Penang, I would like to recommend Pearl Garden Cafe at Tanjung Tokong. Though this place is quite far from the city center towards the north of Penang Island, what you had at this place is really worth for all the travelling! You can find this place by using Waze or Google Map if you have no idea about where this place is. Try to be early as possible to avoid huge crowd and congestion at the horrible parking place, and make sure that you make your booking for the prawns and crab to avoid disappointment. The famous dishes at this place are salted grill crab and prawns and oyster omelette. Others are just "so-so" only. 

Flour coated fried squid.. Very simple dish but I am sure that many places can offer the same thing.

Sweet and sour La-la.. A bit tasteless but good for the old folks! =p Most importantly is the freshness of it! 

Famous oyster omelette.. I like it because it has a bit of the burn smell from the wok! 

Salted grilled prawns.. You can eat and eat and eat without bothering about the cholesterol! 

 Salted grilled crab.. Tasted so good as it's! No sauce is needed or else you can't taste the freshness of the crab at all!

I have forgotten about the price but it was quite reasonable. Though they have not many cooking ways to prepare each dishes but one super fine way is good enough to keep you to remember their food. =) So, never forget to book a place and order before you go there. You can call 04-8990375 for reservation.

Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Wah Chai Seafood @ Menglembu, Perak

If you are looking for good food while on the way from Ipoh/Batu Gajah to KL, you can drop by at Wah Chai Seafood at Menglembu, Perak for lunch or dinner. It is quite an old shop in the middle of the town and one of their famous dish is their Haruan (a kind of fish). They can utilise the fish to make 2 to 3 dishes, namely Haruan wine soup, steamed Haruan with special sauce and Haruan in thick mushroom broth. Never forget their deep fried pork spare ribs and belacan kangkung!

Steamed Haruan with special sauce.. A good way to taste the freshness of the fish!

Deep fried pork spare ribs 

Haruan wine soup with lots of black fungus! This really heats you up! =)

Belacan Kangkung... 

Haruan in thick mushroom broth

Price is quite reasonable despite having an air-cond section. So make sure to be their early if you want to sit in the air-cond section or you can give them a call to make a booking! And it's definitely good to have more people so to taste more of their dishes..

Enjoy and have a nice day! =)

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