Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I Will Miss My 2012 Chinese New Year

Returning home with Chinese New Year mood was really exciting. Leaving behind tedious workload in the hospital and spending quality time with friends and family were my only objectives for the past 3 days. I have never put in mind about going to KK on the 24th not until today. Argh. Ok, now I got my lesson for not applying any annual leave! So I guess I will be going back to KK not till the Chinese New Year is finished next year. Anyway, no point of thinking back. Just look forward for my next trip back to KL.

I really want to thank to all my friends which I was able to meet up with. So, just to recall back a few interesting ones;- 

(1) out-door photo-shooting session with my family, 
(2) met up with U'mates at a Japanese restaurant and even one of them purposely came all the way from Seremban,  
(3) a decent family dinner at a Western restaurant, 
(4) beers to cheers for friendship with buddies on Saturday night, 
(5) had dim sum with futsal kaki on a Sunday morning, 
(6) last minute shopping with my same old brother, 
(7) went to cinema with my whole bunch of cousins after reunion dinner, AND 
(8) face-time gambling with my friend from UK. 

Though there are still many more which I didn't manage to meet up, hopefully there is still a day which we can meet up! Life is short, appreciate everything around you especially your love ones! Time is always precious, make sure that every second is spent wisely!

Enjoy and have nice day...

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What An Event to End the Day

Sometimes people can be so ignorant, they can just screw you up like a mad dog even with a small matter. Argh. Just like yesterday. A patient came and complained about one of his medicine always has shortage. So, the first thing in his mind was "we stole his medicine" and thought that someone has taken his medicine to "earn something". With this kind of thoughts, it has compromised my profession and it was really depressing! God damn it! For goodness sake, why can't we both negotiate calmly and find for a solution rather than threatening me. Luckily my colleague was there to help and actually concluded that it was the manufacturer's fault. Gosh, I felt that it was really stupid to show his "stupudity" in such an ignorant way. I guess he was the one who was not professional AT ALL. Anyway, I just hope that it doesn't stray me away from continuing to serve this community. 

Cool cool... Learn "to forgive and forget" is the best remedy to keep myself young!

I can't imagine that time passes so fast and Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Counting down with 10 days and I will be leaving this place for a short period to get some New Year enjoyment before coming back here again. I guess this is my current motivation to work in this coming 2 weeks. Hopefully I can "pump" (put on weight) myself up before going back, so that my mum won't be that worry about my life over hereby evaluating me physically! Ha-ha. 

It's now 8 something in the morning. Still have about 6 hours to start work. Yawn*

Enjoy and have a nice day...

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Trip to Manukan and Mamutik Islands

After such a long planning for island hopping, my friends and I finally made a trip to the islands on New Year's morning. Luckily the weather and the wave of the sea were good enough to sail to the islands. As to travel to these islands, we took the speedboat from Jesselton Point. To travel to an island (Manukan Island) actaully costed us about RM20 but we paid an additional of RM10 to make a trip to another island (Mamutik Island). For snorkeling kit, RM10 was added on. TIPS: Remember to negotiate for the best price before buying your ticket. So, here's the port and there were some of the speedboats at the platform. 

But before we left the port for the speedboat, RM7.20 was charged for the port fee. So, in total we paid RM47.20 for trips to 2 islands and the snorkeling set.

It took us about 15-20 minutes to reach Mamutik Island but that was not our first destination because we need to drop of some passengers at that island before we could go the Manukan Island. After dropping them off, we proceeded to Manukan Island. To travel between these 2 islands, it took us about 5-10 minutes. Upon reaching the island, the feeling was so good and my next thought was to jump into the crystal clear sea water. Gosh. It was really a paradise to leave behind your work and seek for relaxation and calmness. 

Nice view of the mini port and there is another nearby island, Sulug Island

While I was at the sea with my other 2 friends, one of my friend actually took my camera and scouted around the island. So, here are some of the interesting parts of the island. 

Chalets for tourists 

Life guards at every corner of the island, guarding the snorkeling area 

Sea-walking! If I not mistaken, it costed about RM250 for adult, RM200 for children

Nice view of the Mount Kinabalu from the island 

Restaurant on the island 

There's also a football field but I wonder who on earth would be playing over here =)

Last picture for Manukan Island

So, our journey to the next island continued. We were backed to Mamutik Island for more snorkeling. =) Manukan Island is slightly bigger than Mamutik Island but you can see more things on Mamutik Island. To explore and enjoy snorkeling on this island, 2 hours was not enough for me. So, remember to spend more time on this island and take the later speedboat back to the mainland. 

Upon reaching, we were required to pay RM3 for the conservation free of the park

Besides being as a normal island, it is also a national park known as Taman Tunku Abdul Rahman

So, a group picture before we jumped in into the water 

Besides taking the traveling package only, you may opt to go for some better packages e.g. buffet lunch included on the island. I am not sure about the price but I don't think that it is more than RM50. 

 So, what are you waiting for!! =)

Just for fun!!! =) 

Burial ground on the island

So, that's about it. And please take note, don't travel on the speedboat when the sea is rough. Because you will be wet again when you reach the mainland. =)

Enjoy and have a nice day.

P.S. one down and I have 7 more places to go. 


1. Manukan and Mamutik Islands (done)
2. Mantanani Island
3. Pulau Tiga, Survivor Island
4. Kundasan
5. Mount Kinabalu
6. Tip of Borneo, Kudat
7. Labuan
8. Brunei

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dinner at Little Italy

It was New Year’s Eve and everyone thought of having something different or perhaps more expensive. At first, my friends and I landed in a Japanese restaurant but we actually get out from the restaurant after seeing their menu because it was too costly. Ha-ha. Expensive in the sense that it was not worth it at all because you can get something much better at Kuala Lumpur for the same price. So we walked from the restaurant and crossed over to the next street and entered this Italian restaurant, Little Italy.

Since it was New Year’s Eve, all the customers in the restaurant were dressed in their best outfit but we were just in short pants and t-shirts. Ok, not to bother much about what we wore but most importantly, we could get our good food. Before we opened the menu, the waiter actually told us that there were few recommended items sold out and it was around 8pm something only. But luckily, there were still a lot of choices to choose from. For each of the categories, they were about 20-30 choices. Not to complain too much, so we just ordered our food and here it went! =)

 Penne served in Marinara Verde style, RM24.90. Worth for the price ~.~

 Lasagna Chicken, RM24.90. I would rate average only, maybe you should go for others.
Diavola Pizza, RM19.90. Cheesy thin crust with pepperoni slices, it was good when it was served because you can still feel that the cheese was still melting and the crust was crispy enough.

Alfredo Spaghetti, RM23.90. Not too good and not too bad. Creamy enough! =)

Marinara Spaghetti served with Tomato Sauce, RM23.90. Gosh, this was the best one among the others! I love the fine tomato gravy very much. Served perfectly with the fine cooked spaghetti.

The ambiance in the restaurant

After the dinner, we went for a drink at a restaurant-cum-bar to wait till midnight. But when clock struck 12 midnight, no fireworks display was seen but we were surprised that why were there still so many people gathered at every corner of the street. Ok, fine. At least I know how is New Year's Eve celebrated at KK now. =)

Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

Monday, 2 January 2012

What It Takes To End 2011: Part 2

The toughest time when I reached here (at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah) was when I have no ideas about what was going to happen the next day. It might be a surprise or it can also be a last-minute heart attack. Just an example, the landlord cancelled the rent for a room just 30 minutes before shifting in. Phew. Luckily, my friend and I have another back-up room, or else we would be sleeping by the street until we get one. Anyway, it was a very good experience in the real world. I guess I have learnt not to trust people so easily, strangers are always strangers. No doubt that TRUST is always not reliable. Now, I prefer something more concrete. Perhaps everything should be stated in BLACK & WHITE especially when it comes to money matters.

As for the new working life, every single word in the lecture notes really matters! Now, I have to more be careful in every decision that I make because a patient’s life is in my hand. It is not the time to regret for not putting much effort in studying last time. Now, I have to go forward. Just before I am a fully qualified pharmacist, I guess to need to put on more stress onto myself, make the learning process tougher, so that I am fully equipped before I can handle every single patient with confidence. At the work place, I try my best to keep myself in the neutral party and to mix with every colleague. I hate politics! I hate groupings! Just be myself and mix with everyone, but this doesn’t apply to doctors! Oops…. =p

So, I guess all of my wishes in year 2011 came true. But unfortunately, my friends’ wishes to me were not granted. I guess I am still enjoying the single life now and I don’t think that I will put in any effort in finding my soul-partner. It is a bit too early for me; perhaps more pressure comes when more of my friends are getting married.

Enjoy and have a happy new year! =)

What It Takes To End 2011: Part 1

As everyone says, “There must be a new resolution for a new year!” But we must also put an end (of course some sort of summaries) for 2011! Though 2011 ended just like that but there are still a lot of things to mention of.

Definitely I can still remember what happened during the first month of the year. It was my last semester at the university and everything happened just like that. *pop* just like that. With lectures almost everyday, outings with friends and family, self studying in the library, clerkship attachment at one of the busiest hospital in Malaysia and so many more, and my 5 months passed just like that. Then, the final exam came and result was released, so came my graduation day. Wow, it feels good when I recall this. I can still remember the day when I wore my graduation gown and put on my mortar board, the moment when I entered the convocation hall was magnificent. With every friends which I fought the war together at the battlefield (exam), everything was perfect. I wish that everyday was like that, but...... So, that ended my last part of the studying process. Hmm.. I still have no idea whether I will put on the gown again in the future. =)

Though it was a good ending for my studying process, but it was a sad day to say Good-bye to many friends. “Friends are passengers in life, they do come and go” After going the tough days together at the university, it was time to spread out all over Malaysia, to dig out what we have learnt to help and serve the community. So, I guess I have started to enter another stage of life! The WORKING LIFE. But before that, my friends and I had many meet-ups to bid our farewell.  For every outing or gatherings, I would say to myself that “This is not going to be my last one with everyone”. Perhaps I have this thought was because I have set my mind to come to Sabah since long time ago. And now, I got what I want but I must be strong emotionally and mentally to stay positive.

Definitely there was always a price to pay, which was I have to stay away from my family and friends…

End of Studying Life 

Continue in Part 2.

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