Monday, 2 January 2012

What It Takes To End 2011: Part 1

As everyone says, “There must be a new resolution for a new year!” But we must also put an end (of course some sort of summaries) for 2011! Though 2011 ended just like that but there are still a lot of things to mention of.

Definitely I can still remember what happened during the first month of the year. It was my last semester at the university and everything happened just like that. *pop* just like that. With lectures almost everyday, outings with friends and family, self studying in the library, clerkship attachment at one of the busiest hospital in Malaysia and so many more, and my 5 months passed just like that. Then, the final exam came and result was released, so came my graduation day. Wow, it feels good when I recall this. I can still remember the day when I wore my graduation gown and put on my mortar board, the moment when I entered the convocation hall was magnificent. With every friends which I fought the war together at the battlefield (exam), everything was perfect. I wish that everyday was like that, but...... So, that ended my last part of the studying process. Hmm.. I still have no idea whether I will put on the gown again in the future. =)

Though it was a good ending for my studying process, but it was a sad day to say Good-bye to many friends. “Friends are passengers in life, they do come and go” After going the tough days together at the university, it was time to spread out all over Malaysia, to dig out what we have learnt to help and serve the community. So, I guess I have started to enter another stage of life! The WORKING LIFE. But before that, my friends and I had many meet-ups to bid our farewell.  For every outing or gatherings, I would say to myself that “This is not going to be my last one with everyone”. Perhaps I have this thought was because I have set my mind to come to Sabah since long time ago. And now, I got what I want but I must be strong emotionally and mentally to stay positive.

Definitely there was always a price to pay, which was I have to stay away from my family and friends…

End of Studying Life 

Continue in Part 2.

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