Saturday, 31 December 2011

DInner at Restaurant Hilltop

Awwwwh. It was an awful last day of work at the hospital. Perhaps I will never forget my most memorable day at the hospital for the year 2011. But luckily, the good Samaritan (Micheal) brought my friends and I to a nearby restaurant for some good food! =) And to forget about the first half of the day too!

Hmm.. Though the name is Hilltop but it is not located on the hill. It is located along Jalan Lintas which you can find some other good food as well! The shop is quite an old shop which serves varieties of food, ranging from Chinese delicacies to Western grills. But we opted for Chinese food this time. So, here are some of the pictures of the food.

Hilltop Restaurant (Coffee shop)

Main character of the day, Coconut Tomyam Prawns.
 Just imagine yourself eating tomyam with fresh sweet coconut juice and aroma. Oo.. Drooooooling...

Up-close with the soup. Saw that coconut flesh?! Surprisingly, the coconut taste blends in well with the tomyam.

Chicken Pan Cake with a special grilled chicken wing in the middle

Hong Siew Beancurd 红烧豆腐, too good to go with another bowl of rice! =)

The eating session didn't end just like that because while we were walking towards the car, we were caught by this! Argh.. This is going to add extra inches to my pants! Ha-ha..

Wo Dip (one of the famous Chinese Dim Sum), looks dry from the outside but juicy from the inside

Ok, that's all for now and time to go for breakfast! Ha-ha.

Oops. And I nearly forgotten about my yearly reviews! Looks like this is going to be my last post of the year! Happy New Year, guys!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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