Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Eve at Upperstar

Too exhausted, too exhausted and tooooo exhausted. Went for shopping yesterday to look for new clothes for Chinese New Year but luckily I managed to get myself at least a pants after the whole day of walking. But I think it was quite a productive day for my other friends. Ha-ha. Anyway, there is still weeks to go for Chinese New Year. Hopefully I can get something more before I go back to KL for a CNY break. Just pray hard that I am not that choosy next time. =p

Right after that, we had dinner at one of the famous steak house at KK. It's Upperstar! If you are here for more than a month, you would definitely know this place. A very nice place though it's not facing directly the sea but with the people and the food, everything was just too prefect to describe. Maybe I will let the pictures do the explanations. 

 This is just one of their 5 branches in KK

Santa Claus is at every corner of the shop, they even provide free internet services at every table 

Chicken chop, less than RM15

 Caesar salad,  less than RM10

 A very good compliment with your main course

 Sirloin steak, RM20.95. At a very affordable price.. 

 Lamb shop for myself, RM16.50. Very big portion but I feel that it was a bit too cooked for me. I guess it was because of the crowds =)

Ok, the outside view of the shop. It's actually a 3-combined shops for this branch.

Just a bit about Christmas at KK. To me now, Christmas is no longer an event anymore but it is a celebration. Hmm.. But if you compared with the one at KL, I would say that it's already commercialized over there. But at KK, most people knows why they are celebrating Christmas. Perhaps you can just look back at my first post for December to find out why I say so. Not only Santa Claus and Snowman at the shopping malls, but you can even see baby Jesus on the stage. How good if I can see baby Jesus at Pavilion. 

Ok, it's Christmas day and I am stuck at home. Ha-ha. Perhaps I should sit in my room and do my undone stuff now! =)

Enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas day everyone!

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