Monday, 19 September 2011

Passage of Life

I was actually back to my hometown to visit my granduncle during the week. He had brain tumor (diagnosed 3 months ago) and most probably he is going off within these few months. He can't speak but he knows our presence when we were there, the sad part is when my parents told him to come down to KL and pay us a visit when he recovers. As what the Chinese always says, 生老病死(Born, Aged, Sick and Death) is the passage of life for everyone. He is now 80 plus, I am sure he has enjoyed his entire life and did a lot of wonderful things for people around him already. Perhaps it is time for him to return to God.

Being the youngest in the family, just finished my studies and having parents who are almost 70 years old, everything for me to think now seems to place them as priority. Should I consider myself fortunate or unfortunate to come to earth when my parents were about 40 plus?! I would definitely say, I was too fortunate because they were the ones who brought me to earth to enjoy life. Sometimes I might think that my vision is too narrow because I would never ever think anything beyond 10 years for them, but I should say that at least I give myself enough time to accomplish what I supposed to accomplish in this coming 10 years. 10 years from now, they are almost 80. What else can I do for them when they are almost 80?! Maybe they prefer staying at home and watch the TV 24/7 when they are more than 80.

Anyway, no matter how bad your parents treated you in the past, they are still your parents. Give them more care and it shouldn't be in terms of MONEY! Spend quality time with them or give them a call frequently if you are working out-station. I am sure your parents will ask no more than this...

Enjoy and have a nice day...

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

World Car Free Day (22 September)

Other than seeing "云顶 Genting" logo on Aston Villa's jersey, you will also have "AirAsia" and "MAS" logos on QPR's jersey! What a new venture by these tycoons! And the best part is, our Malaysian striker is going to Cardiff City FC and might have the opportunity to be with the QPR FC as well... Anyway, wish him success and be a much better striker, don't ever come back here anymore unless he is playing for Malaysia!

Flip, flip and flip... Many interesting stuff on the newspaper these few days. Among them were the 6pc service tax on mobile prepaid users, the dispute on the Malaysian history, imbalance proportion between male and female in the university, new medical schools set up in Serdang and, the World car free day! I think all the issues are possible but I don't think so for the Car free day in KL. Most people are just too rely on their own cars rather than the public transport due to many factors. Since many years ago, we had came up with our intra- and intercity train system. Then, the intra- and intercity bus transportation system have changed tremendously as well. But how well do all these transportation system work to serve the public? In terms of cost, time, convenience etc?

And recently, we have our new upgraded bus terminals but poor management system still managed by some of the bus companies. That was why it left me stranded in Ipoh bus terminal for hours and hours in an incident last month. Sound frustrating? Yea, it was really frustrating! So you can't blame why does the public does not want to take the public transport. Sometimes people prefer spending more to drive on their own rather than wasting more time for "WAITING". Because "Time is always precious"! Not only that, how about the comfort when you are in a train?! I guess you know what I meant when I say SANDWICH in a train. You are lucky if you have someone odourless standing beside you, but you will be suffocating when you have someone stinky next to you! The weather? We can't do anything about that...

So, I am wondering how is this Car free day going to be a success if you expect everyone relies on the public transportation. It seems closing some of the main roads is the main plan but I doubt you will see more cars on the roads and causing more traffic congestion. Hmm. I guess I will spend my time at the park rather than going out to the city that day... XD

Enjoy and have a nice day...

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Nasi Lemak 辣死你妈 2.0

It is going to be an unproductive month again! "I'm employed actually, but no job. Hence, equal to (=) no pay..." I am a bit bored with this long holiday already. Money kept on spending everyday but not a single cent is going into my account. Perhaps I should plan something more useful to pass my days. Anyway, I am glad that this movie is to be screened in cinema finally! With the budget of less than RM1million, he made it! The film for all Malaysians!!! Click here for more information.

So, what are you waiting for?!!!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

"Mat Sabu" for Independence Day

When you flip thro' the newspaper for these few days, I am sure that this "Mat Sabu" issue is one of the hot article! It came to my surprise when he claimed that our Father of Independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman and Dato' Onn Jaafar were British officers and not the true heroes for our Independence Day! Oo, What a crap it is! Perhaps he is just want to twist the history and trying to make more publication for his election party! Anyway, he should look thro' these justifications (Mat Sabu 'a traitor') from the true heroes.

Everyone around me is going off to somewhere but I am still stranded in KL and waiting for my posting. Unfortunately, I have been waiting for more than 3 months already. I am still wondering whether I will still be jobless until the end of September. So, it was another farewell for one of my buddies. He is leaving for UK to further his studies, so we had a farewell gathering (lunch buffet) for him at a Japanese Restaurant, Umai-ya (IOI Puchong Jaya Boulevard).

Lunch buffet menu (RM48++; many items were actually crossed with red pen before we have started to order e.g. Unagi!)

The ambiance (Walkway)

Soft shell crab 


Various BBQ stuff (Sad to say that some actually ran out of stock within less than an hour but I have no idea why they want to state that it "Eat and Drink all you can!")

Various sashimi (Very limited choices but luckily it's fresh)

Fried bean curd 


  They were forced to smile after they have been told that the beef stick actually FINISHED for a buffet!

Limited choices of ice-cream, only chocolate, wasabi and green tea ice-cream were available. As for drinks, green tea, coke and Tiger beer were available.

** As for half a dozen of oysters, you need to pay extra which is at RM15 (consider promotional price). And sadly, no fresh prawns as well...

Here comes the bill. Look at the quantity of ice-creams that we had consumed. =) Anyway, it is just a farewell lunch. The people who were present were more important than the food.

Overall, not too good for me (~ 2.5/5 rating) because I think you just need to pay a bit more extra and you can get much better food at other Japanese restaurants e.g. Jogoya, Saisaki, Shogun etc.

Enjoy and have a nice day...

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