Thursday, 29 October 2009

Thursday, Oct 29 2009

Yea guys! That's actually a piece of dead skin from my body. Haha.. Nothing beats the Malaysia's sun when you are at the beach. You will get sun-burn definitely if you do not apply sun-block. Anyway, it is good to have a new covering for my body now! But just don't over do it, or else you will get dehydrated like one news a couple of months back. That person actually passed away after that.
Huu.. Study break is coming to an end already and my first paper is going to be on next Monday. Bye bye to the newly renovated library. After some increment in our tuition fees, I finally saw something which is productive and beneficial from the university to the students. At least I still have the chance to enjoy it for another 3 semesters before I leave the university. And another thing, so sad that my industrial attachment is going to be postponed this time. There goes my X'mas break and it is going to be a rushing start for the new semester.
As everyone knows that the Thais always produce superb horror movies e.g. Shutter, Coming Soon, 4bia etc. In this coming Nov, they are going to come up with another new horror movie which is Phobia2. There are 4 short stories in the first movie but it is going to be 5 short stories this time. Since the first has done outstandingly, so I am sure that this is going to be good as well. There following is the trailer for Phobia2. Btw, you guys may search for the whole 4bia movie on Enjoy the show!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Life Reflection #4 & #5

Yea, MUnited players, fans, die-heart supporters and what so ever can keep their mouth shut already. After getting all the beach balls into the stadium on Sunday, but none of it successfully made a history. Anyway, the small boy who threw the beach ball into the pitch during the Sunderland-Liverpool match has apologised after receiving tonnes of dead threats from Liverpool supporters. Maybe you can read his news from the following link:-
Ok, back to the topic. I have already left out 3 life reflections already, so I should get the ball rolling back now or else my friend would be very disappointed with me. Haa.. So in his life reflection #4, it is actually about "Generosity". When it comes to this word, I am sure that many of you have the word 'money' in your mind already. Am I correct.......? But in general, generosity can be in terms of anything, for example time, love, energy etc. Since everyone likes money a lot, so I will take money as my subject.
In life, I am sure that many of us are struggling to search for good wealth. You may always ask God, "Why am I always struggling for money?" The answer is actually very simple. IT IS BECAUSE YOU NEVER GIVE. But some really did their part but still asking the same old question. So I should ask you back, "Are you living a happy and peaceful life now?" It is not necessary that you give out money and you will get something back in terms of cash. Do you wish that God comes down to you and write a cheque for you? Haha.. I think you are going to freak out even before he appears to you! Don't be offended as I know that this issue is a bit sensitive but it's actually the reality.
Next, he is talking about why does he come up with all these life reflections. In his opinion, many people are living just for the sake of living, for survival from day to day. But is that meaningful to live like that for decades? Yea, absolutely not! There should be a reason, purpose or what so ever for you to live in this world. Many of you have lived in this world for so many years but have you ever asked yourself, "Who am I actually?" It's not about defining your name or what you are now. I think I should stop here and let you reflect yourself for some moment. Bear in mind that you have 365days in one year, so it is going to be 3650days in one decade. Is your life just a period of one decade only?
Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Friday, 23 October 2009

An Unproductive Week..

This is going to be crazy...

Exam is just one week ahead but nothing was drilled into the brain. All thanks to my last minute sore throat, fever, flu and cough. I prefer self-healing, so it took one whole week to give me full recovery. I am much better now. Goshhhh....

Though I am down, but my spirit for Liverpool is still super high. Sad to say that, they are performing terribly for the last few matches. All the key players have gone out due to injuries. No TORRES, no GERRARD, no JOHNSON and no REIRA. OMG! How are they going to beat MUnited this week end. It's going to be a very big embarrassment if you lose more than 3-0 at home. Anyway, pray hard that Liverpool can make some miracle this time. Or else, it is going to be no CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, no PREMIER LEAGUE, no LEAGUE CUP and no FA CUP this season.

It is raining now. It is going to be messy tomorrow morning...

When it is going to be end of October, it means that All Souls' Day is just around the corner. I am sure that many of you would not know what is that but it is actually the 清明节 for the Catholics. As for this year, I am not going to visit my great grand and grand parents on the actual day because it falls on the first day of my exam. So my mum get me to go earlier, which is tomorrow morning. Ok, i am fine with it. The mosquitoes are going to have big feast for the weeks to come. Haha.. Come on, pray with a sincere heart.

Btw, before i wrap up for this time. Guess what is in the following picture. This is going to be interesting. You can leave your answers in the comment column. Welcome.

Enjoy and have a nice day..^^ "Life doesn't just stop here, make everyday an interesting day.."

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Dr. Rao's Farewell Party (back date on 14th of Oct)

After having so many blogs about myself, it's time to have something about events...

It's again. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is going to lose another good lecturer again, it is Dr. Rao this time. Though my batch is not the first group which he encountered since he entered this university but unrealisingly, we have knew him for more than 4semesters already. Wow, that is almost 2years out of my 2years plus in this university. Too bad that he is not teaching me for one more semester, looks like my batch is going to have a tough time for Cancer Chemotherapy and maybe CNS again. Haha..

Anyway, what we can do is just wish him all the best.
The following video is actually one small part of the event, enjoy..

Here are some photo shots..

After Dr. Thet, Ms. Shruti, Ms. Wong, Mr. Jony, Mr. Tarek and now Dr. Rao, who is going to be next?... Life doesn't just stop here..

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Happy Deepavali.. lolzz..

Ooch. I can't imagine that my 5years old niece told me dirty jokes when i met her at my mum's old friend's house for deepavali.
Don't go into that first, I will tell the joke later. My mum actually has this special Indian friend for more than 40years already. The special thing about him is "Wow!", it's not that he knows mandarin, but surprisingly he knows how to play majong. Every Chinese New Year without fail, he will come to my house on the first day of CNY and plays with all my aunties. But too bad that I do not know how to play. Then for every Deepavali, we will visit his house. So back to the food, it was super delicious and spicy but I got to pay the price of it this morning in the toilet and having sore throat till today. Just got some lozenges to relieve it. So irritating!
So this little girl was so boring, so she entertained me that night with her 'dirty jokes'. Here goes one of her story. -- A lady has a daughter named 'Nen Nen'. On one fine day, she took Nen Nen to visit the zoo. During one of the ride, she lost Nen Nen and she proceeded to the office to look for Nen Nen. So the officer asked her, "What is your daughter's name?" then she replied, "Nen Nen." Ok, fine. Then the officer asked her again, "So how big is your Nen Nen?" She replied, "As big as the watermelon." lolzz.. See how corrupted is her mind.
Ok, this is just a bit of entertainment from me. Get back to you guys later with moe updates. Have a nice day and cheers^^

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Nightmare vs Sleep..

Oopss.. I am being tagged as an evil mastermind in Facebook.. What does that mean? Hmm..
My miseries studying at home finally came to an end because the workers have finished upgrading the drainage system in my housing area finally. The two months was really suffering with all the drilling sounds, tractors, cement mixer, workers 吹水sound etc etc. Thought of looking for some peaceful minds in the U at that time but that was even worse because the forever upgrading university is not done with their construction which has been months already.
It was a "Hurray" for less than 5 hours. Just starting to have some peace at home and wanted to start studying at 2am. Something has really gave me shock and tremendous impact which I will never forget. Don't worry, not that I have seen any ghost but it was actually worse than that. It was my NIGHTMARE! I haven't have this kind of nightmare before whereby I don't dare to wake up, not until i see sunlight or having anyone woke up before me. Maybe it just want to stimulate my brain before my study break starts and change my abnormal sleeping habit. Anyway, the dream was about how am I murdered brutally! No further evaluation. winks*
Let's have something about "sleep" before I wrap up for this time. Many people have different sleeping patterns but I know that I have the most abnormal one because I used to wake up when people sleeps and I do wake up again when people wakes up. This type of sleeping pattern most likely to develop a kind of condition called the sleep debt whereby you have insufficient of rest and you will get all kinds of mental, emotional and physical fatigues when you are awake. It actually disturbs your mind more when you are trying to concentrate, eventually you will have nothing in your brain at the end of the day. That's why you need caffeine to make you alert all the time.
"Life doesn't just stop here and LIKE THAT, live life happy..........!"
Cheers and have a nice day^^

Sunday, 11 October 2009



Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Colour Symbolism

"Ding Dong.." (message alert) "Please proceed to finance office to settle demage report.." Ooo, crap... The Unlimited Currency Sucking Institution sent me a notification with a typographic error calling me to settle the "demage" report today. They are super duper efficient in asking money from the students but they will take ages to settle things in the other way round especially when getting back things from the U. This is not the first time already. Anyway, what can I expect from a company which is profit-oriented, or else I won't be getting my result at the end of the semester. This is some kind of threatening act!
Hmm.. After a mad mad tiring day battling in U and paid RM10.50 just for the mini-volumetric flask, what is in my mind is getting back home as soon as possible. Sorry to say that going out for entertainment is really not I want. Pheww.. Just don't think about what have happened moments before, keep my mind free and enjoy my journey back. I love the way back especially when I reach roads with trees along them. These are all psychological effects. Based on the colour symbolism, GREEN is the colour that will sooth your eyes and producing calming effect when seen. **Don't look at the negative perceptions on GREEN. So sometimes it really give you a piece of peaceful mind and a bit of satisfaction when you see the trees. Here, satisfaction means what you have done for the day. It is more enjoyable if you have flowers to make them more colourful and cheerful.
And again, what about the night. Colours of light, YELLOW symbolises feelings of happiness. As for me, the most attractive lightings in KL is from Genting Highlands. It is soooo obvious, so obvious because you can see it as floating lightings in the sky. I would be happy, I am sure that everyone would be happy as well. I think this is most probably the main reason why people like to go to try their luck there. "Colour of Wealth". I am having my chance to try when my friend is back from Sarawak. Haha..
Wow, I didn't realise that I have blogged more than 100 posts already. Anyway, I hope that the great numbers do bring something more than the numbers stated.. => I think I left out something. The significant of highlighting red in the first paragraph symbolises WAR.!! Absolutely W.A.R.! **Not about love, not about passion, not about sex in this case.
Cheers and have a nice day^^

Monday, 5 October 2009

Half Time..

Oops.. I have nearly forgotten about blogging. Haha.. Anyway, it's half time for Liverpool vs Chelsea now. Still 0-0. What I can say that the referee is again bias. So disappointed!
Hmm. The day for yesterday was really terrible though it was mooncake festival. All thanks to Marketing quiz which was in the morning. I can say that it was a tough one and I don't really have the brain to solve most of the scenario given in the question paper. It was so frustrating to have this kind of paper! Anyway, it's just for one semester only.
Haha.. Something more terrible that I have discovered today. I just found out that the place for my industrial training is really suck. The place is so isolated and you will never discover that place if you do not have the intention to discover it. It is 100x worse than Bangi Industrial Park. WHAT CAN I DO! Anyway, it's just for about 3weeks training only. I am very sure that my expenses will surely shoot up for about 5x.
At many times, very seldom that we notice or pay attention to something which is too normal for us. Maybe I should bring out something interesting this time! I am not sure whether you guys realise why does man always like to hold woman at the waist maybe during some friendly hug, or during a date etc. Actually based on a bible scripture, man actually derived from the lower rip of a woman during the Creation. So this is the answer for the "why". Haha.. Interesting?
Ok, times up. Liverpool is now one goal down now. Haizz.. Chealsea sucksssssssss... Have a nice day..

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