Friday, 23 October 2009

An Unproductive Week..

This is going to be crazy...

Exam is just one week ahead but nothing was drilled into the brain. All thanks to my last minute sore throat, fever, flu and cough. I prefer self-healing, so it took one whole week to give me full recovery. I am much better now. Goshhhh....

Though I am down, but my spirit for Liverpool is still super high. Sad to say that, they are performing terribly for the last few matches. All the key players have gone out due to injuries. No TORRES, no GERRARD, no JOHNSON and no REIRA. OMG! How are they going to beat MUnited this week end. It's going to be a very big embarrassment if you lose more than 3-0 at home. Anyway, pray hard that Liverpool can make some miracle this time. Or else, it is going to be no CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, no PREMIER LEAGUE, no LEAGUE CUP and no FA CUP this season.

It is raining now. It is going to be messy tomorrow morning...

When it is going to be end of October, it means that All Souls' Day is just around the corner. I am sure that many of you would not know what is that but it is actually the 清明节 for the Catholics. As for this year, I am not going to visit my great grand and grand parents on the actual day because it falls on the first day of my exam. So my mum get me to go earlier, which is tomorrow morning. Ok, i am fine with it. The mosquitoes are going to have big feast for the weeks to come. Haha.. Come on, pray with a sincere heart.

Btw, before i wrap up for this time. Guess what is in the following picture. This is going to be interesting. You can leave your answers in the comment column. Welcome.

Enjoy and have a nice day..^^ "Life doesn't just stop here, make everyday an interesting day.."

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