Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Dr. Rao's Farewell Party (back date on 14th of Oct)

After having so many blogs about myself, it's time to have something about events...

It's again. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is going to lose another good lecturer again, it is Dr. Rao this time. Though my batch is not the first group which he encountered since he entered this university but unrealisingly, we have knew him for more than 4semesters already. Wow, that is almost 2years out of my 2years plus in this university. Too bad that he is not teaching me for one more semester, looks like my batch is going to have a tough time for Cancer Chemotherapy and maybe CNS again. Haha..

Anyway, what we can do is just wish him all the best.
The following video is actually one small part of the event, enjoy..

Here are some photo shots..

After Dr. Thet, Ms. Shruti, Ms. Wong, Mr. Jony, Mr. Tarek and now Dr. Rao, who is going to be next?... Life doesn't just stop here..

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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