Friday, 27 February 2009


I have gotten quite a few constructive comments about my blog. Some have suggested that i should put in some interesting designs, pictures so that i can attract more viewer, more delicious in that sense. Besides, some even suggest me that i should type my blog in chinese.. "Hahh...?" was my first reaction.

For me, i really failed in chinese. Though i have the reasonable "high" level of chinese education, but what i know is that i will sure lose to a primary school kid if we compare our chinese standard. That's what i always say, "i gave back to my primary school teacher already". Hahaha.. I still remember when i was in std 6, i met with a car accident when i was on my way to my tuition teacher's house after a tiring afternoon class. You know lerr, 精英班always have extended classes until late afternoons, i was just far too regret for joining that class but i have no choice. Back into the main topic, the word that landed me in the hospital is "冲啊", i remembered my friends told me that the next sound is "bang". I became "superman" and flew across the road. Anyway, i just broke and dislocated my arm and have some blood clot in my brain only. I was in the ICU for 1day but the doctor said that i am fine when i demanded KFC when i was back in the concious state. Haha..

When i returned back for classes, i was just in time for the UPSR trials. My teacher doesn't want me to miss out so she suggested that she will write the essay for me. Wait!! What i meant is that i say the word and she writes for me. Hye, it's really a big favor to me already because i know that i will sure "fly kite" in some chinese words if i am the one who is writing. Haha.. So that's the trick over here, figure it out yourself.. lolzz.. Ok, maybe i will really consider typing in chinese next time..

Enjoy and have a nice day.. =>

Entering Week 7..

Whenever i say that i hate a person, it doesn't work out long for me even though i curse that person everytime i see that person. I really don't know why, maybe i just can't find the right reason for me to hate that person. Haha.. Never mind.. I am used to that already. Embarassing!

I wonder where is Philip now, i really need his help.

Hmm.. It's so hectic nowadays, assignments, PHC, lab reports, quizes and "bla bla" never ending jobs, and the worst that i encounter is the moral subject. What is she thinking about and why is she easily get influenced by the medic students... You know what, the medic students suggested the "minus marking scheme" to the lecturer and she in now taking a deep consideration. Shit, the trauma of taking moral exam for me is here, never been forgotten because i always failed that subject it was just that i got lucky in SPM with a decent result for moral. Now, i am not looking forward for an A in moral but i just need a pass is sufficient to satisfy me.

Now is still 7 something but the sun is still golden in colour, i wonder when is my time to have a nice sun set view at the beachside with a cup of coffee. Have a nice weekend=>

Friday, 20 February 2009

Tolerance, Patience and Rational..

Tolerance, patience and rational...

Tolerance, patience and rational are good friends and each has their own intimate personality as what their name is. When ever each of these characters faces any problem, the other two will console the character with the problem. For example, when patience losses his patience, tolerance will call him to be more tolerant to other people whereas rational will call him to think more rational before taking an action. Same goes to the situations when tolerence and rational are in trouble. So with these personalities that they have come together, a problem is not a problem to them already. It's something like human, if we can be patient and think rationally, be more tolerant to the surroundings, i am sure you will can take a good action to solve your problem.

But what these 3 characters cannot come about is "unfairness". Unfairness normally does not give benefits to you but creating more harm to you. How do you want people to be patient on your judgement if the action is unfair; how do you want people to be tolerant to the outcome which is unfair to them; how do you want people to think rationally either from your aspect or his own point of view..

Or maybe you will think that there is a culprit behind the "unfairness"..

Anyway, be a person with full of patience, tolerance and rational. Do not let temper conquer yourself when unfairness interferes. Most importantly is do not be the "unfairness".

Treasures good friendships. It is easy to lose, but it is difficult to find. =>

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Promise

haizz.. what a day, never mind, it's just a tuesday..

i am again betrayed by a material, and it's just an ice cream. when i think back, how can i be so so so stupid and "get on the hook". hahaha.. i got into the trick when christine offered me an up-graded sundae cone, which is a McFlurry. i can't really imagine that she offered me a McFlurry to get on into a "mega project" and to organise a trip, which is the "L" plan, i accepted the offer. anyway, a promise is still a promise. i will keep my words, so i will try my best and hope that this will be success for the "L" plan in December.

From, sick Kevin..

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Immoral Habits..

It is an exciting day whereby I donated 450mL of blood today. This is my fifth time donating and this is the first time that i am donating in a different setting, which is my university. I enjoyed a lot each time when i donate because i know that I can save a person's life. It's great to see a big supportive crowd today.

But I am sincerely sorry to the groups of students who came before me because I cut queue. Anyway, I did this is because I was forced to do so, luckily I was not the only person. =p

It's Valentine's Day

It came to my surprice when many guys wished me "happy valentine's". It's not only one, but it's 3. oh, gosh.. Is this teasing me or trying to pity me? Never mind, i am fine with it because i am still a vegetarian. Hee..

When it comes to the word "Valentine", what i remember is the name of a great saint, St. Valentine. I get to know this great person because my mum gave me a story book which has all the stories of the great saints on earth. He was a great saint of "love", he was a Roman priest and was caught marrying Christian couples and aiding any Christians who were being persecuted under Emperor Claudius in Rome. These were considered as a crime in ancient days, so he was beheaded in the later years. Many years after that, as to recognise his contribution in the Catholic faith, he was decleared as a saint. 14th of February is the day in which he was executed and a day celebrate his martyrdom.

Now, in commemorating with this day, many people use this day to express their love to their love ones. Buying flowers, having romantic candle-light dinner, watching movie together, etc.. Some even take this opportunity to get married on this meaningful day as they believe that they will be bonded by the love of the cupid forever. Anyway, different person will have different kind of opinion, most importantly everyone is happy.

So i hereby wish all couples Happy Valentine's and have fun.. Cheers^^

Monday, 2 February 2009

The mood which isnt a mood..

Songs do play important roles in our life. Sometimes it gets along our feel-good mood, but sometimes it betrays us. Sometimes it in order getting our mood in the right path, they tend to worsen our mood.

I am sure many people have watched the drama "Meteor Garden". What keeps me thinking of the drama is not about those actors and actresses, but it's the story line, the songs, the characters... Why separation is always a sad thing? When the subject is with us, we do not seem to appreciate; but the subject leaves us, we tend to find for it again. The further the subject leaves us, the more sad we will be and more eager for us the look back for the subject.

I always tell people that "what has happened is a past", we should not think back the past, but this does not apply when you are consoling yourself. We should think what is going to happen, think from a different dimension, think from a positive side because the subject will not be coming back, maybe there is a good reason for all this.. Continue with this, if what happened is a happy thing, what is happening is also a happy thing and what will happen is also a very happy thing, this means that you are made to be a happy person..

So, live life happy..

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