Friday, 27 February 2009

Entering Week 7..

Whenever i say that i hate a person, it doesn't work out long for me even though i curse that person everytime i see that person. I really don't know why, maybe i just can't find the right reason for me to hate that person. Haha.. Never mind.. I am used to that already. Embarassing!

I wonder where is Philip now, i really need his help.

Hmm.. It's so hectic nowadays, assignments, PHC, lab reports, quizes and "bla bla" never ending jobs, and the worst that i encounter is the moral subject. What is she thinking about and why is she easily get influenced by the medic students... You know what, the medic students suggested the "minus marking scheme" to the lecturer and she in now taking a deep consideration. Shit, the trauma of taking moral exam for me is here, never been forgotten because i always failed that subject it was just that i got lucky in SPM with a decent result for moral. Now, i am not looking forward for an A in moral but i just need a pass is sufficient to satisfy me.

Now is still 7 something but the sun is still golden in colour, i wonder when is my time to have a nice sun set view at the beachside with a cup of coffee. Have a nice weekend=>

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