Monday, 2 February 2009

The mood which isnt a mood..

Songs do play important roles in our life. Sometimes it gets along our feel-good mood, but sometimes it betrays us. Sometimes it in order getting our mood in the right path, they tend to worsen our mood.

I am sure many people have watched the drama "Meteor Garden". What keeps me thinking of the drama is not about those actors and actresses, but it's the story line, the songs, the characters... Why separation is always a sad thing? When the subject is with us, we do not seem to appreciate; but the subject leaves us, we tend to find for it again. The further the subject leaves us, the more sad we will be and more eager for us the look back for the subject.

I always tell people that "what has happened is a past", we should not think back the past, but this does not apply when you are consoling yourself. We should think what is going to happen, think from a different dimension, think from a positive side because the subject will not be coming back, maybe there is a good reason for all this.. Continue with this, if what happened is a happy thing, what is happening is also a happy thing and what will happen is also a very happy thing, this means that you are made to be a happy person..

So, live life happy..

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