Friday, 20 February 2009

Tolerance, Patience and Rational..

Tolerance, patience and rational...

Tolerance, patience and rational are good friends and each has their own intimate personality as what their name is. When ever each of these characters faces any problem, the other two will console the character with the problem. For example, when patience losses his patience, tolerance will call him to be more tolerant to other people whereas rational will call him to think more rational before taking an action. Same goes to the situations when tolerence and rational are in trouble. So with these personalities that they have come together, a problem is not a problem to them already. It's something like human, if we can be patient and think rationally, be more tolerant to the surroundings, i am sure you will can take a good action to solve your problem.

But what these 3 characters cannot come about is "unfairness". Unfairness normally does not give benefits to you but creating more harm to you. How do you want people to be patient on your judgement if the action is unfair; how do you want people to be tolerant to the outcome which is unfair to them; how do you want people to think rationally either from your aspect or his own point of view..

Or maybe you will think that there is a culprit behind the "unfairness"..

Anyway, be a person with full of patience, tolerance and rational. Do not let temper conquer yourself when unfairness interferes. Most importantly is do not be the "unfairness".

Treasures good friendships. It is easy to lose, but it is difficult to find. =>

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