Friday, 27 February 2009


I have gotten quite a few constructive comments about my blog. Some have suggested that i should put in some interesting designs, pictures so that i can attract more viewer, more delicious in that sense. Besides, some even suggest me that i should type my blog in chinese.. "Hahh...?" was my first reaction.

For me, i really failed in chinese. Though i have the reasonable "high" level of chinese education, but what i know is that i will sure lose to a primary school kid if we compare our chinese standard. That's what i always say, "i gave back to my primary school teacher already". Hahaha.. I still remember when i was in std 6, i met with a car accident when i was on my way to my tuition teacher's house after a tiring afternoon class. You know lerr, 精英班always have extended classes until late afternoons, i was just far too regret for joining that class but i have no choice. Back into the main topic, the word that landed me in the hospital is "冲啊", i remembered my friends told me that the next sound is "bang". I became "superman" and flew across the road. Anyway, i just broke and dislocated my arm and have some blood clot in my brain only. I was in the ICU for 1day but the doctor said that i am fine when i demanded KFC when i was back in the concious state. Haha..

When i returned back for classes, i was just in time for the UPSR trials. My teacher doesn't want me to miss out so she suggested that she will write the essay for me. Wait!! What i meant is that i say the word and she writes for me. Hye, it's really a big favor to me already because i know that i will sure "fly kite" in some chinese words if i am the one who is writing. Haha.. So that's the trick over here, figure it out yourself.. lolzz.. Ok, maybe i will really consider typing in chinese next time..

Enjoy and have a nice day.. =>

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