Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Trauma..

The trauma for moral is really here, what if i failed my moral this time..

The mind has been disturbed for these few days and i cant really concentrate on a certain thing too long, i will just lose my attention to that particular thing if someone just happen to nudge me. Hmm.. Ok.. Nothing personal, or else you just want to report this to the police. Keke.. When i was on my way to the U, i happen to knock down a police cone on the street which normally used as a temporary divider for counter flow of the traffic in the morning. Err, i dont really know how and why it happens, maybe i was just too tired or i was not concentrating on my driving. So just forget about it...

Today, my main purpose of going to the post office in Jusco is i want to renew my license. But if i happen to walk pass Vinnci at the lower ground floor of the shopping complex, i will sure drop by and pay my ex-colleagues a visit. => As usual, all of them will start the conversation with a few standard questions..

"Hey, Kevin, long time no see, how come you are getting thinner compared to the previous visit?"
"You actually look like an uncle, if you didnt call me, i will just ignore you because i will think that it might be a salesman who are just promoting some products."
"Hey, Kevin, where is your girlfriend... Hmm.. When are you getting one?"

Fine, i will just answer them with my standard answers because i have no other answers for these questions already. The main point here is "Why are they asking me about having a girlfriend? Is there a need to have a girlfriend now? Or is having a girlfriend an obligation or it is just a necessity?" Maybe different people has different point of view, i am sure that my stand is in the minority as i am a kind of weird person.. Haha..

For me, i have more cons compared to pros to support my stand, i think cons is 50X more than pros. No harsh feeling, it's not about my past, but it's all about the present. Not the there is no pretty girls on the street including in our class, but it's just that i prefer to have only friends, just simple friends. As simple as that.. Maybe i think like that is because i still have a lot of friends around meand i am fully satisfied with it, but i also got to realise that they will leave my one day. They cant be going for a date and call me along right! Haha.. Anyway, i have my own rational points here but i do not hope that my friends especially some of my classmates are in the same route of being a vegetarian. It's kind of funny when it comes to this kind of topic and i still remember this has been a "debate" on facebook. lolzz..

So, my last word is couples stay on tight to the present relationships, i know that it is difficult to maintain a relationship but it is more difficult to forget a person if you lose him/her or to find a new replacement. As for the singles, work hard to get into a relationship or fight hard if you are trying to grab someone.. Hehe.. Jkg Jkg..

Enjoy and have a nice day..^^

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