Monday, 16 March 2009

Mission Clear..

I think this is the happening week for the Malaysians and Liverpool fans because they have completed wonderful performance in the sport arena. As for the Malaysians, Lin Dan's reign over Lee Chong Wei finally came to an end and the double's also did well by winning the Swiss Open title after several tough struggles from the top pairs. As for Liverpool, it hits the headline. They demolished MUnited at Old Trafford with the scoreline of 4-1. I know that those female readers wouldn't understand this. Nvm, just forget about it, you all just need to remember that MUnited is not the greatest on earth.

Miseries for the time being finally came to an end. Muhahaha.... Started with a tough one and now ends with a tough one also. I nearly panicked until I can't start writing a single word this morning. But luckily I was calm enough. I just know that it's really a good time to have a good rest now after the "warm-up matches" against the quiz papers. Hmm.. I just realise that I am having my Moral final paper on Good Friday. Wow, tough man! Life gets so difficult when you got to fast and study at the same time. Maybe I am too sinful until the God up there wants me to pay double for my sins this time. Nvm, fast and abstain with a sincere heart.! Hahaa..

The lastest lecturer that is leaving us now is Dr Thet. Haizz.. So sad. Did she thought of using one cheeze tart to console my heart.? No way! Why is always the best lecturers who goes off? I wonder how is our medicinal chemistry going to be in the later days with the "niam niam".. Haizz again.. Anyway, we cannot be so selfish as she may have better opportunities outside, if you happen to be in this situation, i guess you will also do the same like her. We are utilitarians. Everyone deserves to have the greatest pleasures and happiness. Think from a different aspect, she may be happier in the new working environment or she has gotten what she has long waited for. Be optimistic!

So, best wishes to her and good luck. Thank you...
Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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