Sunday, 22 March 2009

A New Chapter..

Wow, life is so unpredictable.. It is really like a dream.. Liverpool knocked MUnited's butt last week and MUnited lost to Fulham again this week.. And I just realised that they are also many people who are anti-MUnited when I went and watched football at Steven's Corner.. Hahaha..

So, I think I should start off something from mid-week. Hye, what came to my surprise is really beyond my expectation! I really didn't expect that my so-called big sister knows how to make something other than maggie mee. But I think not only me who think so.. Hahaha.. She actually made, err.. I dont know it's called a shusi-bread or bread-shusi which is some sort of stuff which she is good at for the gang. Ok, I don't know what went wrong with her and suddenly, she is treating us something, maybe she is treating us as her 白老鼠 to test all her stuff.. Lolzz.. Jkg Jkg.. Anyway, it didn't taste bad, consumable.. Ok, so I assume that this is her stepping stone for gripping on the 进到厨房;出到厅堂 principle.. Hmm.. She is planning to bake a cake for her special one today, so I really wish her all the best.. Anyway, I can assure that he will be so touch by her efforts.=> All the best..

Then we had an advanced b'day dinner for Yin Hui, "38 president" at Decanter on Thursday night. Wow.. It's really a wonderful dinner.. Food tasted fabulous, quite a big portion until I don't feel like eating the b'day cake as dessert, very peaceful atmosphere, fantastic ambiance and price is also reasonable. Just one word to describe all "Marvelous".. After that dinner, we nearly lost our way back and I drove in the counter direction of the road.. Haizz.. Anyway, I am used to it already. Hahaha.. So I hope that I have more sense of direction for the next destination that we are heading.

In front of Decanter, "dnt get me wrong, I am weak in editing, that's why I can't remove the bottom part" =p

And today, it's kind of a boring day for me as my family all went back hometown for 清明. If I do not have class in the morning, most probably I have gone back with them. Luckily I still have my 吹水gang called me out to watch football at night.. Ok, something new here.. I will try to include some jokes or IQ questions so that this can be more interactive, hopefully it is more interesting.. Hehe..

So are you aware that a wire normally used to tie around the claypot for cooking, for example claypot chicken rice, clay pot yee mee etc? Did you thought of why is it so? (See the pot, dnt see the rice)

Enjoy reading and have a nice day^^

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