Tuesday, 10 March 2009


It has been quite quiet these few days because many of my friends are not around. Before this, one already went to Penang, live life happily there until he does not feel like coming back during semester breaks. Then now, 2 have gone to Bangkok, they went for a 2weeks back pack trip, i just know that they just reach Penang, so hope that they will reach Bangkok in these coming few days. One busying doing thesis for his final exam, cracking his brain until it's going to crush and sprinkling many "flowery" words on PM. Lolzz.. One here, one there, all everywhere. Last but not least, I go no where because no one is free to go out 打机,吹水though it's a holiday on monday. Hahaha.. I think it should be the same for my U'mates as we are "polishing our weapons, for our coming battle against the quiz!"

Anyway, I just want to share something with everyone this time. Last Sunday, my parish assistant priest thought me a very powerful word, which is "MINDFULNESS". The sense of mindfulness is actually the concentration at a particular point. Regarding this sense, there are 4 aspects that are concerned: discipline, punctually, commitment and cleanliness. We can actually apply this concept into many different situations e.g. family, among friends, in school, workplace etc. I can't really give an example because it's no point if you don't understand it. This is actually about reflections and requires more about self-understanding in this concept. I am sure that this concept will give you the utmost performance when you carry out the tasks with MINDFULNESS> Trust me, it's true.

Hope you get something valuable out of this, enjoy reading.. Cheers^^

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