Thursday, 12 March 2009

"Shock", not "Shiok"..

O, come on! It's just 6years of studies only, please do not have high expectations on my mandarin. I admit that it was very bad.. Lolzz.. I just direct translated out like how i used to speak in cantonese. I have no intention in polishing my mandarin now or near future because it is not easy to learn a language which i do not get to practise everytime. No point at all!! That's why i prefer using back English for blogging.. Anyway, i already have my sundae cone for my first mandarin blog..=>

Ok, back to main topic.. 2 shocking things in 2 days. As for yesterday, the shocking thing was Mr Terry and Ms Lee Yin are going off soon. I was emotionless (include motionless) at that moment because I was stunted. I didn't expect that both of them will go at the same time. Since I entered this U, the turn-over rate is so damn high. Many lecturers have left us during my past 1 and the half years over here. Swt-.-" If Mr Terry leaves, it is not going to get easy to organise things. I think I should really reconsider and reconsider again in that "mega" project again.

Next thing is about today's PRP quiz. Haizz.. Sad to mention, but I stll want to mention.....
Our lecturer told us a set of questions during the tutorial class yesterday and she kept on emphasising that those questions are going to be in our final exam, nothing go to do with today's quiz. Eventually those were the questions for today. I was blank after seeing the questions so do my fellow "warriors" in the pin-drop silent exam hall. Comman sense, I am sure that you will assume that these question will not be coming out for quiz and you will skip this whole major part for the time being. So as the consequences, I left it blank 50% of the physiology part. I am going to die this time.
Play smart, act smart, study smart but doesn't think smart, what's the point!! Like what I say, 死板板, caught on the hook.. Haha..

Just do not too much and prepare for AMT II for tomorrow..

Cheers and have a nice day..^^

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