Thursday, 5 March 2009

"First Day Cover" collector

I bring out this topic is because it is so fake and so easy in becoming a First Day Cover collector nowadays. It comes in a sudden because i saw first day covers just now in the post office. Maybe some of you dont really know what is first day cover. It's actually the stamps which sold on the first issued day. In chinese they call it as 首日封. (if i not mistaken) => I have some examples for you beside.

I, myself have been collecting first day covers for more than 7 years since i was in my secondaries and i have come across with numerous collectors in around the world through friendster and facebook. I feel that some people are not really a collector because they prefer in investing big amount of money and buy straight for related channels. Do they really get the meaning of COLLECTION! Collecting this is actually something like collecting coins or currency notes where you dont actually buy these stuff. Dont tell me that you do go to the money changer there and change for all types of coins and currency notes. It's kind of ridiculous. For me, i really think that COLLECTION is all about patience and enthusiasm. Anyway, i cant change how people thinks, it's all about egoism. I hope that i can share these ideas in becoming a true, authentic, genuine, realiable, real first day cover collector. So it's not easy to become a first day cover collector right!

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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