Sunday, 29 March 2009


Wow wow wow, guys.. You all really have to try this out. I can't think of any other words to describe besides FANTASTIC! When I put in my first step into the restaurant, I can feel that it is going to be great.

I know your first thing is going to get the fried stuffs eg shrimp, mushroom, bean curd etc as your appetizer. Then the drinks for sure are going to catch your eyes also becasue there are too many choices for you to choose until you get blur while choosing. But don't be too obsess with it because you must go and look out for fresh coconuts which is at the bar counter. It is more worth having coconuts compared to soft drinks, hot drinks etc. Lolzz...

The bar counter to get your fresh coconuts

It is really a heaven of food, from the dry to the wet; from the cold to the hot; from cooked to raw stuff which is the bbq stuffs. You can have beef, mutton, chicken, varieties of fish, shellfishes etc. All are marinated with different types of flavours. Please bear in mind that they are not serving cheap items, i am sure that you can cover the cost if you are a big eater. You can have lots and lots of oasters, clamps, sashimi, cod fish etc etc. Too many things to be mentioned. Just forget about the cholesterol levels shooting up for the sake of food that they served. Hahaha.. At the cold counter there, you can have your freshly made Califonia rolls, sashimi, clamps, sushi, shrimps, squids etc etc. You can also have your various Japanese delicacies also.

They are all freezing cool!! Super fresh..

A gentle reminder, please please remember to look at the menu on the table. You can order some of the things from the menu such as baked eel, sliced beef etc. I really missed out this because I found this too late already as I was too full. Just don't be a fool like me ya.. Hahaha..

Look at the crowd, the ambiance..

Yea, last but not least, the dessert. This is the first time I tasted black sesame ice-cream and wasabi ice-cream. Wonderful, guys..! Even the mint chocolate chips ice-cream tasted fabulous. There is always a bite of chocolate chips in every scoop. You can even have some toasted marshmallow to be served with your ice-cream.

Look out for the black ice-cream, it's black sesame ice-cream..

Thought they say that they might get you off from your sits after 2hours provided there is awaiting customers, but I am sure that you get everything done within one and the half hour.
So ladies and gentlemen, what are you waiting for? Enjoy and have a nice day^^
Comments and ratings from you guys are really well-appreciated. Thanks.

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