Friday, 29 April 2011

Groupsmore Deals

Felt so comfortable with my laptop is back. Phew. Absolutely sorry for missing in action for quite some time because of exam. Hopefully this is going to be my last exam unless I want to... Ha-ha. Let's not talk about it.

I am sure many people are still not aware of the existance of Groupsmore and perhaps majority of people doesn't know what does this company do. People will just simply click on the like column on their facebook page without finding out the details about them. Anyway, don't worry guys! It is always a GOOD DEAL with Groupsmore. Please don't get me wrong, I am not paid here as I promote them via my blog. But they really give you good deals. Here is one of the latest stuff from them, PAINTBALL! Maybe you can find out for more details from here. Trust me, this is a really good site for discounts, discounts and a lot more of discounts!

So what are you waiting for! Have a click on to find out more about them! Gotcha!

Enjoy and have a nice day. And enjoy the Royal Wedding as well. ^^

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sometimes the World is Really Insane

So sad, I twisted my ankle today. I can still feel some discomfort when I walk. Hopefully the pain really goes off overnight which is very unlikely. As Easter is approaching, I sure many people do fast and abstain during the lent season (40 days before Easter). Ok, I am I of them but actually I seem to sin more during the this season rather than repent myself!

You know what, I met with a very strange guy at the bank today. When I reached the bank, this guy was in the car and his girlfriend was in the bank using the cash deposit machine. I saw her using it, so I went of the bank and stood outside to wait for my turn. At first, I didn't realise about the guy but not until I saw someone stared at me from a car! Ok, fine. So I look at the other side to avoid any eye contact with him. I waited and waited for about 5 minutes, then I turned my sight back into the bank and checked out why was the girl taking so long time to do the transaction. After that, I didn't why I turned my sight back to the car and saw this guy stared at me with his damn eyes. I just felt like scooping out his eyes and smashes them. So irritating!

He was so annoying and this made me stared back at him. I think he "beh tahan" already after that, he came down from his car and straight walk into the bank to accompany his girlfriend. Before he left, he stared at me again and I felt like telling him, "You look like an idiot to your girlfriend!" It was definitely not about safety because the police station was just meters away. Sometimes guys do have jealousy! He should feel proud that I am looking at his girlfriend leh! Anyway, I don't really have this intention. So girls, please dump those guys who like to jealous about others or no reason. Lesson for the day...
Hopefully I am not one of them. Enjoy and have a nice day..

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Just Got Too Irritated!

Tomorrow is going to be the last day of attachment at HKL. I am very sure that all my classmates can't wait to end it fast. Everyone is very exhausted, hectic doing reports every day and night without proper sleep. It is really bad for health even though we know that having interupted sleep is really bad. But what to do!

Then suddenly, I felt a sudden heavy pressure on me. It comes out from no where and surprisingly, it's nothing to do with my upcoming exam. I just got so stressed up when I knew that my sister is going to bring her friend back and staying here for a few nights during the weekend. Damn it! I felt so unpleasant and uneasy about the news because I know that part of my study break will be wipe out just like that! I have my own way to deal with my studies. For me, I never like people to disturb me when I am too focus studying. I tend to screw up everyone who irritates me.

Sometimes I really hate people doing things without consideration. Anyway, my sister made a promise that it is going to be during the weekends only and no extended stay. It's either I will leave the house or the guest got to do so or my sister should go! See what happens during the weekends! Sometimes you have to be cruel, just no choice!

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