Thursday, 7 April 2011

Just Got Too Irritated!

Tomorrow is going to be the last day of attachment at HKL. I am very sure that all my classmates can't wait to end it fast. Everyone is very exhausted, hectic doing reports every day and night without proper sleep. It is really bad for health even though we know that having interupted sleep is really bad. But what to do!

Then suddenly, I felt a sudden heavy pressure on me. It comes out from no where and surprisingly, it's nothing to do with my upcoming exam. I just got so stressed up when I knew that my sister is going to bring her friend back and staying here for a few nights during the weekend. Damn it! I felt so unpleasant and uneasy about the news because I know that part of my study break will be wipe out just like that! I have my own way to deal with my studies. For me, I never like people to disturb me when I am too focus studying. I tend to screw up everyone who irritates me.

Sometimes I really hate people doing things without consideration. Anyway, my sister made a promise that it is going to be during the weekends only and no extended stay. It's either I will leave the house or the guest got to do so or my sister should go! See what happens during the weekends! Sometimes you have to be cruel, just no choice!

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