Friday, 28 March 2014

Half Day Trip to Kiansom Waterfall

To get out from the city once in awhile is a good way to release stress and to calm yourself down for a start for the week! Thus, my friend managed to find one interesting place which is not really far from the city center to spend our weekend and it was the waterfall. Kiansom is a very small village which is 5-7 km away from Inanam town and it takes about 30-45 minutes of driving from the city center. At the corner of the village is hidden with some wonderful waterfalls which is the Kiansom waterfall. It is rated in the top 10 list of the nicest waterfalls in Sabah. 

Before starting our journey, we had our breakfast at this mamak restaurant for cheesee naan. I find that this place is selling one of the cheapest breakfast in town. It was only RM 2.50 per piece. Side dishes such as Tandoori chicken is RM 7.50 and minced beef with potato is RM 2.50 only. This is much more worthy that eating economic noodles with nothing!

Cheese naan with a cup of teh tarik (milk tea)! 

After having a great breakfast, it was time to start our journey before the sun goes right at the top of your head! The road was much better than was expected, not the bumpy type. At least the damage to the car was almost NIL. =)

Welcome to Kiansom waterfall; though it's a tourist attraction but this place was not well promoted. Entrance fee is only RM 1.50 per person.

To get to this waterfall was not challenging at all but there was a very nice pathway to get to this waterfall. 

Clean and well-maintained changing room near the entrance 

Ok, this was the challenging one! Time for some exercise to hike into the jungle for some nicer waterfalls. You may not notice that this is actually a route. If you are not sure, ask the locals and they are very friendly... 

"Where should I go next?!" XD 

To hike in, it takes about 15-20 minutes and it all depends on your stamina. Make sure that you put on a pair of good shoes and make yourself as light as possible. Don't let whatever you carry become a burden for you! Beware of leeches and get a small bottle of salt in hand.

Ta-daa... Here you go!!! Seventh waterfall of Kiansom

This is the sixth waterfall of Kiansom (top view) 

Here you go. Be more adventurous and get out from the city! =) And lastly, pray for flight MH 370..

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Wedding Debt's

Many people might thought of making one of the most meaningful day in their life to become a memorable one but ones may ended up their life with a misery. Traditionally, a wedding might cost you for about RM 10,000 to RM 100,000 in many years back. But in today's modern world, a wedding with about RM 100,000 is considered cheap! Many people spend for wedding would have the mind-set that "moreover it's just once in a life time, so why not just spend". Eventually the bill would ended up with loans. So have they thought of the consequences?! The answer is NEVER AT ALL. 

Since started to work in this society, it actually thought me a lot of things. One might not learn so well from other's experience in life, but to think back with how they go along with it, it really creates some thoughts for me so that I would not go through the same thing in my own life. Wedding debt's is never easy to settle as the changes in your life will progress much faster to a different stage in life once you get married which is the parenthood. Even before you have settle the bills for your wedding dinner, you would have to start saving for your new born, their education funds or to buy a bigger house or car as the family is expending to a larger number.

To spend, it must be a wise spending. Do not spend too much on unnecessary stuff! At the same time, do not spend too little to a level where you compromise the smooth going of the event. Do not follow other's wedding plan! Get yourself a pen and do your own plan and put in everything that you want but not others! Come up with a plan which is comfortable to yourself and your partner! I guess you would appreciate more your own planning at the end of the day. =) I just don't hope that my friends who haven't get married would fall into this trap!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

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