Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Chateau Patisserie Cafe @ Market Place 88

I have heard about this French Restaurant, The Chateau Patisserie Cafe in town for quite some time already. Finally, it's time fro me to give it a try since many of my friends recommended this place to me. Remember, it's highly recommended! Ha-ha.. It's a very classy type restaurant which is very suitable for fine dining. Located at Market Place 88, right opposite of Tain Xiang Hui Wei. You will never miss this while you are turning into the shops from the main road!

From the front of the French Restaurant.. 

The interior, the bar counter

 Grilled salmon with fantastic mashed sweet potato! I guess this is as good as the one from Catch 22 but too bad that Catch 22 has closed down!

Lamb ranks with mashed sweet potato and grilled vegetables, topped with some special sauce. Thumbs up! =) 

 Special menu for the day! Lobster spaghetti.. RM 38 for this! Worth for the price! 

Sandwich served with salads and home made chips... Another fantastic dish.. RM 22 for this! 

Total damage cost for 4 of us is about RM 145. I can say that this place serves one of the best European (including French, Italia Spanish etc) food in KK! So what are you waiting for! Remember to check out this place if you haven't do so! =)

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

St Aloysius Church, Limbanak Penampang church wedding

I have not been for a church wedding for quite some time since I have left KL. So as for this time, I have been invited for a Kadazan friend's wedding at a very nice church, St Aloysius Church, Limbanak Penampang. I can say that this is one of the most beautiful church besides the main churches in the city center and St Micheal's Church in Sandakan. If you google through the internet, I am sure that you will see some other bloggers who blog about this church as well. 

To drive to this place takes about 20 minutes from KK city center if the traffic is clear! If you were to find the way, use Waze but not google map for directions. It's quite a new church I guess as this main church was built in 1991. It has a very modernised interior and exterior looking which distinguish it from other district churches. Beside the main church, it has a small hall at the side and graveyards at the hill behind the church. Just look at the pictures and you will know how nice is the church.

The front part of the church

The side of the church

Quite a spacious church. It can easily accommodate thousands of people...  

 The altar.. Just magnificent! 

 One of the nice picture of the couples with family and friends wearing the traditional Kadazan costume

Wish them happily every after! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day. =)

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Coral Flyer, Island-Island Zipline (back dated to 29 July 2014)

Flying fox, I have tried flying across tall trees many times but this is my first time flying across islands. And now, I'm proud that Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia has the World's Longest Zipline across Islands. To start this trip, you need to sail to Sapi Island from Jesselton Point and register yourself there. For your information, the fee to go out to the islands has increased in recent years. We paid RM 28 (price per person) for the return boat ticket for local tourist including conservation park fee and make sure that you negotiate with them to get this price. Upon arriving at Sapi Island, register yourself at the counter. Ticket per person is RM 50! After paying, you will sail across to Gaya Island, the starting point with a small boat. There, they will set the kits up for you and you are ready to FLY FLY FLY! =)

 Gaya Island, the starting point!

The thin thin zipline across the 2 islands 

 For some read up while waiting for others to sign the consent.

Everyone is ready to FLY now!!! 

But selfie first =p and we are "lucky" number one to go so that we can take pictures for others while they are flying across =( 

About 100 meters hike to reach here... 

Another group picture before everyone set on the line to fly! 

See, you are flying across this path.. I believe that it will be nicer if the sky is much clearer 

Here comes group 2! =) 

It seems this braking system cost about RM 200,000! 

Group 3 is here... =) 

"What a fast ride, 10 seconds for RM 50!" =p

End of trip.

Just some advise. Operating time is from about 10 am till 3-4 pm, provided the weather is good! Maximum weight is 120 kg, exceeding that will not be allowed. Consent to be taken when you register. Make sure that you don't hold anything while you are flying and keep everything is inside your bag. Zip your bag up because the brake is a bit hard when your reach, something may slip out if you don't zip up your bag. Slippers can be tied to your waist before you fly! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day. =)

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