Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Chateau Patisserie Cafe @ Market Place 88

I have heard about this French Restaurant, The Chateau Patisserie Cafe in town for quite some time already. Finally, it's time fro me to give it a try since many of my friends recommended this place to me. Remember, it's highly recommended! Ha-ha.. It's a very classy type restaurant which is very suitable for fine dining. Located at Market Place 88, right opposite of Tain Xiang Hui Wei. You will never miss this while you are turning into the shops from the main road!

From the front of the French Restaurant.. 

The interior, the bar counter

 Grilled salmon with fantastic mashed sweet potato! I guess this is as good as the one from Catch 22 but too bad that Catch 22 has closed down!

Lamb ranks with mashed sweet potato and grilled vegetables, topped with some special sauce. Thumbs up! =) 

 Special menu for the day! Lobster spaghetti.. RM 38 for this! Worth for the price! 

Sandwich served with salads and home made chips... Another fantastic dish.. RM 22 for this! 

Total damage cost for 4 of us is about RM 145. I can say that this place serves one of the best European (including French, Italia Spanish etc) food in KK! So what are you waiting for! Remember to check out this place if you haven't do so! =)

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Thanks =)

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