Thursday, 4 September 2014

Tamparuli Coffee Shop @ Tamparuli

As one of my friend always praise this little coffee shop for his famous pumpkin steamed bun and tamparuli noodle, so we decided to go all the way to Tamparuli just for this on one fine day! Tamparuli is a small town near Tuaran. Famous attractions around the area are such as "Rumah Terbalik" (Upside-down house), Kiulu White Water Rafting (rated as level 1 to 2) and the famous "sinking" hanging bridge. Spending half an hour is  enough sufficient to round the whole town. 

Famous Tamparuli fried noodle is highlighted in yellow! 

Steamed pumpkin bun, freshly made every morning! Good to eat it on its own without any stuffing! 

Tamparuli fried noodle. Looks interesting, and look alike like Tenom fried noodle but this doesn't have 春卷. Taste wise is good! =) You should give it a try if you have travel to nearby places!

After having good brunch at Tamparuli, coconut pudding with lokan is always in the list for dessert before heading back to the city center. To find good coconut pudding, you can always find it at Jalan Norowot. In case you have no idea on how to get here, use your Google Map to search for this place!

Chilling coconut pudding! Yummmmmmyyyyy..... =)

Roasted coconut water! Smells like some alcohol but taste very different from the normal coconut juice! 

And finally Lokan to satisfied our taste bud before leaving this place!  

If you have time for sunset, you may travel to Rasa Ria Shangri La or Nexus Karambunai! They are just 15-30 minutes drive from Jalan Norowot. So here you go for your half a day trip if you have nothing to do during the weekends!

Enjoy and have a nice day! =)

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