Saturday, 13 September 2014

Pinn Xiang Coffee Shop @ Kepayan Ridge Commercial Center

If you are looking for a simple and cheap breakfast at Kepayan area, I guess this is the place! Located right within the Kepayan low cost housing area, there is this coffee shop named Pinn Xiang Coffee Shop. Not many people would realise this place unless it's either introduced by someone or staying in near at that area. One thing very good about this place is the varieties that they have to serve you. Ranging from a large varieties of steamed buns, buns, breads, dim sum, pastries and finger food. There is also a stall selling FuChow noodles within the same shop. And not to forget, everything is super cheap! I can say that this is one of the cheapest place for simple good food.

Pinn Xiang Coffee Shop.. The back part of the shop which you can see the FuChow stall at the front line...

BBQ pork steamed bun. RM 1.10 for this! Simple and nice... 

Pork steamed bun.. Miniature of large bun with egg! 

"CharKuey Kahwin" almost the same as Bukit Padang's one but I prefer BP is the best because that is more crunchy...

Siew Mai with huge prawns! =)

 FuChow noodles.. RM 5 for this. Looks good and taste even better! RM 5 for this.. Really worth for the price and you can never find the same price for the same food in KK anymore!
Sarawakian Laksa... Taste is not as good as the one at Taman Cantek! But the taste is above average... RM 5 for this as well!

As for the drinks, the price is almost 20-30% cheaper than many places! A simple cup of hot Milo is just RM 1.50 and they really follow according to your order if you do not want too much of sweetener! Give it a try if you haven't been to this place.. Look for direction to Cosway pharmacy at Kepayan if you have no idea where the place it! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day...

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