Saturday, 31 December 2011

DInner at Restaurant Hilltop

Awwwwh. It was an awful last day of work at the hospital. Perhaps I will never forget my most memorable day at the hospital for the year 2011. But luckily, the good Samaritan (Micheal) brought my friends and I to a nearby restaurant for some good food! =) And to forget about the first half of the day too!

Hmm.. Though the name is Hilltop but it is not located on the hill. It is located along Jalan Lintas which you can find some other good food as well! The shop is quite an old shop which serves varieties of food, ranging from Chinese delicacies to Western grills. But we opted for Chinese food this time. So, here are some of the pictures of the food.

Hilltop Restaurant (Coffee shop)

Main character of the day, Coconut Tomyam Prawns.
 Just imagine yourself eating tomyam with fresh sweet coconut juice and aroma. Oo.. Drooooooling...

Up-close with the soup. Saw that coconut flesh?! Surprisingly, the coconut taste blends in well with the tomyam.

Chicken Pan Cake with a special grilled chicken wing in the middle

Hong Siew Beancurd 红烧豆腐, too good to go with another bowl of rice! =)

The eating session didn't end just like that because while we were walking towards the car, we were caught by this! Argh.. This is going to add extra inches to my pants! Ha-ha..

Wo Dip (one of the famous Chinese Dim Sum), looks dry from the outside but juicy from the inside

Ok, that's all for now and time to go for breakfast! Ha-ha.

Oops. And I nearly forgotten about my yearly reviews! Looks like this is going to be my last post of the year! Happy New Year, guys!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Eve at Upperstar

Too exhausted, too exhausted and tooooo exhausted. Went for shopping yesterday to look for new clothes for Chinese New Year but luckily I managed to get myself at least a pants after the whole day of walking. But I think it was quite a productive day for my other friends. Ha-ha. Anyway, there is still weeks to go for Chinese New Year. Hopefully I can get something more before I go back to KL for a CNY break. Just pray hard that I am not that choosy next time. =p

Right after that, we had dinner at one of the famous steak house at KK. It's Upperstar! If you are here for more than a month, you would definitely know this place. A very nice place though it's not facing directly the sea but with the people and the food, everything was just too prefect to describe. Maybe I will let the pictures do the explanations. 

 This is just one of their 5 branches in KK

Santa Claus is at every corner of the shop, they even provide free internet services at every table 

Chicken chop, less than RM15

 Caesar salad,  less than RM10

 A very good compliment with your main course

 Sirloin steak, RM20.95. At a very affordable price.. 

 Lamb shop for myself, RM16.50. Very big portion but I feel that it was a bit too cooked for me. I guess it was because of the crowds =)

Ok, the outside view of the shop. It's actually a 3-combined shops for this branch.

Just a bit about Christmas at KK. To me now, Christmas is no longer an event anymore but it is a celebration. Hmm.. But if you compared with the one at KL, I would say that it's already commercialized over there. But at KK, most people knows why they are celebrating Christmas. Perhaps you can just look back at my first post for December to find out why I say so. Not only Santa Claus and Snowman at the shopping malls, but you can even see baby Jesus on the stage. How good if I can see baby Jesus at Pavilion. 

Ok, it's Christmas day and I am stuck at home. Ha-ha. Perhaps I should sit in my room and do my undone stuff now! =)

Enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas day everyone!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Motivation to Continue

Sometimes I find that finding motivations to continue at a foreign land is really important, it can really give you the desire to stay at that place for a long time. Just few days back, I was packing my luggage bag and I found that I have not went for blood donation for quite some time already. So I just put my red booklet (record book for blood donation) into my pocket and went to work. Upon reaching at the hospital at 2pm, someone suddenly requested the working staffs to go for blood donation because there is an urgent need of blood supply at the ICU ward. Well, I guess it was God's will.

My reward after donating blood 

My first blood donation at HQE

And, I am very glad to serve this community because they really appreciate me and my colleagues hard fought efforts. Thanks.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How Is It In Kota Kinabalu?

After settling down here for almost 4 weeks, I have fully adapted into this new environment finally. Moreover, I find that it is not that difficult to blend into this new community. As usual, everything happens everyday is now a norm to me. Waking up at 6am in the morning everyday to get ready to go to work. After work, I will be tired like a dead shit and it's either the bed or the slow turtle speed internet to accompany me to pass the night.

Along the weekends, it is either the hospital, the church or the city center for some movies with friends. Argh. Christmas is just 2 weeks away and all shopping malls are playing wonderful Christmas songs. I even heard Christmas carollings going around nearby houses. What to do! Sad to say that, it is just demotivating me to continue over here because this is going to be my first Christmas away from home. Anyway, pray for the best and hopefully it will be a happening Christmas here, at KK. Ok, that's all for now, folks! I need to do some of my reports before going to work at 3pm. Just before I say another Good-bye, here are some pictures to complete "How Is It In Kota Kinabalu?"

The sunset is just too awesome describe. It can just give me the calmness that I want.

It's just too difficult to resist myself from taking this picture. Take two*
Some "snacks" after the sunset =p Hope that my cholesterol level doesn't shoot up!

My travelling companion. BUS, BUS and more BUS.

This is what I do at the church when I am too bored and doesn't feel like going home. =) Just wait for the plane to fly pass

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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