Saturday, 17 December 2016

Zheng Long Mun 龍門客栈 OR 武侠竹林 @ Hulu Langat, Selangor

This place has been advertised many times on Facebook since long time ago and I finally had a chance to try this place for this trip back to KL! =)

Zheng Long Mun 龍門客栈 (actually I have no idea what is their exact name) is located at the starting point of Jalan Hulu Langat, near Pekan Bt 14 Hulu Langat side. You can get the direction by searching for 武侠竹林 from Google Map and it can lead your the way there. Parking is never an issue and you may want to do reservation if you plan to go there during peak hours. The main menu is relatively simple as you can pick a variety of fish or seafood to be cooked and the big bamboo dish can serve up to 3-4 person. They even have a few special dishes which you want to try!

 The front of the restaurant

View from the inside of the restaurant 

 The menu at Zheng Long Mun 龍門客栈

 Bamboo clams in bamboo.. Though it was not as pretty as those which I saw in picture but this tasted quite good. Just not too spicy.. Never waste the sauce!

Crabs in bamboo.. Price is about RM 60+ per kg. Tasted not bad as well.

Mixed seafood in bamboo.. A mix of prawns, squid and clams in spicy sauce. Everything was great but just a bit too much of chilies flakes. 

All 3 dishes for 6 person costed us about RM 225 including tea. The setback of this place is that there is many many many mosquitoes! So make sure that you request them to lit a mosquito coil for you! Besides, they don't really have a proper toilet. So these are my comments!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend. =)

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Chopping Block @ Lorong Dewan, Kota Kinabalu

Looking for a new place to hang out? You can find it here at Chopping Block! They are located at the same row with Nook and Gong Cha. They are opened for business from lunch till  tea time to dinner, so it's hard to say that you can't find time to try there. =) As for the menu, they serve mainly Western food e.g. grills, burgers and pastas and the price is a bit expensive as compared to Upperstar but quality wise is definitely better! A very good place to celebrate some special occasions. Quite similar to many other restaurants in the city center, they serve no pork but they do serve alcoholic beverages. So, do drop by and try out their food! =)

Chicken Parmigiana (RM 26).. Everything was good, just wish that there is more cheese.. =P 

Seafood Linguine (RM 26).. Portion is huge and with a lot of squids and shrimps.. I can sense that the others would be as good as these 2!

Total cost for 2 mains with a glass of ice water is about RM 60. I will definitely be back for some other stuff on the menu! =) Just a big problem around that area is that it's hard to find parking! 

Enjoy and have a nice day. =)

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Venomi Cafe @ Api-Api Center, Kota Kinabalu

Venomi Cafe is one of the latest cafe opened in KK and it's located at Api-Api Center, right behind of McD. You would definitely won't miss seeing this place if you walk out from the main entrance of Center Point. As for the menu, they do serve a large variety of Western food and desserts and it is a good place to chit-chat with friends for long hours as they have many tables! They do serve beer as well but there is no live band to entertain you. So this place is suitable for family and friends gatherings with kids. The food are not too pricey as the portion is average! I guess the big eaters might need to order 2 sets! =)

Chicken Parmigiana (RM 15.80). Everything was great. Really worth for the price.. 

 Bolognese (RM 9.80).. Portion is big but the sauce is a bit to sour but it's not their foul!

Meat Lover Pizza (RM 13.50).. Quite disappointed with this especially the dough. The dough becomes hard if you leave it too long and the toppings are quite "scattered"

Rib Eye Steak (RM 27.00) with Chips and Rich Gravy.. Nicely done but the sauce is a bit too salty. Maybe they can improvise on the taste of the sauce for the old folks!

Total cost about RM 90 for all the food with a bottle of Stout and a cup of small Latte. I will definitely visit place next time. 

Enjoy and have a nice day! =)

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Owls' Cafe @ Bukit Jalil, KL

The Owls' Cafe is one of the hot spot for coffee and waffles in KL nowadays. I guess many people have been to this place even before I blog about this place. It seems that the cafe is always 50-60% filled with customers although it's a weekday at all time. They have quite a impressive menu of waffles but the price is a bit expensive but the coffee is still reasonable. 

Special Iced Coffee and a cup of Latte

Rebecca Waffle.. Beautiful piece of dessert, not too sweet and goes well with a slab of ice cream of every bite of the waffle.

Good place to hang out in the evening, good ambiance but difficult to find parking around that area! And keep in mind that they are closed on every Monday!

Enjoy and have a nice day.. =)

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Shamrock Irish Bar @ Waterfront, KK

Waterfront KK is always the famous place to hang out at night especially for both locals and tourist! I have tried out a number of places there for dinner but so far none actually worth to go back as the food was very common but expensive. But this is my first time being here at Shamrock Irish Bar though it has been there for many years, I guess! Just thought of bring Susan out for a drink as well on Merdeka Day! =) The menu is pretty simple, so it's quite easy to decide on what to eat! Live band only starts around 9 pm.

Stout during Happy Hour (until 8 pm) 

 Ribeye Steak (RM 40+) Portion is big and it's nicely done according to what we requested.

Grilled Chicken Breast (RM 20 +) Quite simple but nice and juicy (not the dry type!!) in the inside, served with white sauce!

Overall the food was great and the price is quite reasonable as well. The bill was about RM 120 for 2 mains, 1 pint of stout (happy hour) and half pint Kilkenny. I will come back to this place definitely. 

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Fatt Kee Roast Fish @ Jalan Pasar, KL

I guess many people have seen this place being promoted on Facebook many times but this is my first time trying out this place during my break in KL. This restaurant Fatt Kee Roast Fish is located at Jalan Pasar near RHB and Public Bank. It has a roadside stall and an air-cond restaurant nearby. Menu is very standard and their signature dish is this seafood with special soup broth which served with a portable stove. Minimum price is RM 88 (basic set with squid, lala and prawns) per set and you can add on more stuff e.g. fish, mushrooms, squid etc at a very reasonable price. As for the broth, you can choose the intensity of spiciness!! According to the boss, no one has ever tried the most spicy one. And last but not least, each of their dish serves 4 person unless you have a big eaters who can take up 2 portions. =)

Seafood with special soup broth with added mushroom and a huge fried fish head.. Best try with a bit of spicy rather than none at all or else the broth will be a bit plain.. Overall is good

Hot Pot Chicken.. Tasted good as well but this is not the priority if you have not many people..

Total bill for 2 dishes for 7 person is RM 180 including drinks and rice. And most importantly is be there early or else you will have a long queue to wait for table especially during weekends.

Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Bukit Botak @ Sepanggar (back dated 2 July 2016)

Many friends have been calling me to go and hike at Bukit Botak, Sepanggar but I always do not have the chance to do so. And finally the day has arrived! Ta-daa.. =)

To find the starting point for this place is never easy unless you really have someone to guide you all the way. Even if you have arrived at this place, you would never know where is the exact starting point to hike up as it looks like a construction site rather than a hill to hike. Not even a signage to show you how to go up the hill, so make sure that you bring along a friend who knows the place well or else it will be a wasteful trip for you. And another advice is that never go in a small group but to go in a big group (8-10 people) as there is no one there and danger can be everywhere!

The total distance from the starting point to the peak is less than 1.5 km which will take you about 30-45 minutes or even lesser if you have good stamina. The route is not really a good one especially at the starting point as it requires a bit of climbing. The remaining of the route is just up and down. Bring a touch if you are hiking to watch sunrise and a mosquito repellent if you are staying up there for a long time.

Direction to Bukit Botak; You can park at near the end of the blocked road and walk towards the starting point

Nice lighting view at the town below before sunrise 

We are almost there! It seems that the bushes cleared a lot as compared to half a year ago..

Malaysia flag at the peak of the hill.. 

View of Sepanggar Port from the peak of the hill.. 

 A group of 5 girls and me as the only guy.. Quite risky to go up in a small group! =p

 Mt Kinabalu spotted from Bukit Botak.. Not a good day for sun rise as the sky was too cloudy.. =(

Time to go back down for breakfast! =) Mission accomplished. 

On the way down from the peak of the hill.. 

"Road not taken..." 

Some camera effect testing while on the way down..

 Spooky forest if you are to walk alone..

No proper route, so be prepared..

"One for the road!!!!!!"  You will never realise this steep is the hill when the sky is pitched black..

Between the 2 zones.. Between the rockie and the forest.. 

Jumping post for all the "young generation"

 The new road by the hill.. It is better if you can find the way in!

Time to say good bye!

Enjoy and have a nice day =)

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Coffee Lab @ Taman Soon Kiong, Kota Kinabalu

Within Frankie Interior Design, there is a cafe and it's Coffee Lab. Located at the row of shops opposite of KK Fuchow Hall near Bukit Padang. You just need to be more alert when you are looking for it because the shop can be easily missed even though it's by the main road. The concept of this place is almost the same as Pxxxt Cafe in KK town but the environment here is more cozy and they do serve more types of food. They have different menu for different time of the day and you can have lunch over there as well besides having standard breakfast. Make your order and pay at the counter and they serve you REALLY fast!

Latte. The aroma is great enough to attract you!

Breakfast Set. Standard breakfast set with sausage, hash brown, egg, toast bread, bacon and baked beans.  

Lab Long (RM 9).. One of the great stuff that I have tasted here! The egg, the cheese sauce, the sausage etc fits perfectly well with the bun! I like this so much! =)

Total was about RM 40 for 2 person. Price is almost the same as many other cafe in KK but you must take note of their opening time because they close in the evening.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Paper Boat @ Hilltop, Kota Kinabalu

If you are looking for a different kind of prawn noodle in Sabah, you can try it at Paper Boat @ Hilltop (few shops away from New Mui Vui Coffee Shop). One thing very special is that they can prepare a bowl of noodle (either prawn noodle or asam laksa) based your request. There is a whole list of ingredients that you can choose from and not to worry because their portion of each ingredient is big even though you choose all types of ingredients. As for my comment, taste for the prawn noodle is good but you won't get the real taste of it if you choose to have too many ingredients with the noodle. Whereas the broth for the asam laksa is a bit diluted and lacking of the fishy taste. So go for the prawn noodle as your first choice if it's your first time being there! As for the price wise, it's a bit more expensive compared to some other places. =)

 Prawn Noodle with lots of ingredients including prawns, roasted pork, egg etc.

Asam Laksa with prawn sauce and lots of fish meat, onions, cucumbers etc.

Total was about RM 20+ for these 2 bowls of noodle with a glass of chinese tea. You can order alcoholic drink if you want! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day! =)

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Uncle Garry Recipe @ Dah Yeh Villa, KK

Who says that there is no Nasi Kerabu in Kota Kinabalu! =) If you are looking for one of the good Nasi Kerabu in Kota Kinabalu, you can get it at Uncle Garry Recipe. It's actually a home based restaurant within Dah Yeh Villa (google the place if you don't know the exact location). As far as I know, they do serve Nasi Kerabu for most of the days and Nasi Khao Jam for some of the days in a week. The serving is just nice for one person, so never order to share. =) One thing very special about this place is that they have a very nice garden for you to take pictures with a lot of blue flower (Bunga Telang) while waiting for your food and each of the dish that they served is blue in colour including the water! You can also order their dessert of the day e.g. Bo Bo Cha Cha with some Nyonya kuih if you want! 

Water dyed with the colour of the flower.. 

Nasi Kerabu (RM 15).. The rice is served with huge piece of chicken and many side dishes.. The chicken is just nice as it is not too dry! If you have no idea on which to start first, you just mix all together and start everything together! =)

Bo Bo Cha Cha and Nyonya kuih (RM 5).. Taste for the Bo Bo Cha Cha was great as it was not too sweet and it has a lot of sweet potato inside! A really great combo with the kuih..

Total cost was RM 35 for 2 person. Taste was good for me but it's just that it's a bit expensive. And one thing, make sure that you call and make reservation if you are coming in a big group!

Enjoy and have a nice day. =)

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