Sunday, 3 July 2016

Bukit Botak @ Sepanggar (back dated 2 July 2016)

Many friends have been calling me to go and hike at Bukit Botak, Sepanggar but I always do not have the chance to do so. And finally the day has arrived! Ta-daa.. =)

To find the starting point for this place is never easy unless you really have someone to guide you all the way. Even if you have arrived at this place, you would never know where is the exact starting point to hike up as it looks like a construction site rather than a hill to hike. Not even a signage to show you how to go up the hill, so make sure that you bring along a friend who knows the place well or else it will be a wasteful trip for you. And another advice is that never go in a small group but to go in a big group (8-10 people) as there is no one there and danger can be everywhere!

The total distance from the starting point to the peak is less than 1.5 km which will take you about 30-45 minutes or even lesser if you have good stamina. The route is not really a good one especially at the starting point as it requires a bit of climbing. The remaining of the route is just up and down. Bring a touch if you are hiking to watch sunrise and a mosquito repellent if you are staying up there for a long time.

Direction to Bukit Botak; You can park at near the end of the blocked road and walk towards the starting point

Nice lighting view at the town below before sunrise 

We are almost there! It seems that the bushes cleared a lot as compared to half a year ago..

Malaysia flag at the peak of the hill.. 

View of Sepanggar Port from the peak of the hill.. 

 A group of 5 girls and me as the only guy.. Quite risky to go up in a small group! =p

 Mt Kinabalu spotted from Bukit Botak.. Not a good day for sun rise as the sky was too cloudy.. =(

Time to go back down for breakfast! =) Mission accomplished. 

On the way down from the peak of the hill.. 

"Road not taken..." 

Some camera effect testing while on the way down..

 Spooky forest if you are to walk alone..

No proper route, so be prepared..

"One for the road!!!!!!"  You will never realise this steep is the hill when the sky is pitched black..

Between the 2 zones.. Between the rockie and the forest.. 

Jumping post for all the "young generation"

 The new road by the hill.. It is better if you can find the way in!

Time to say good bye!

Enjoy and have a nice day =)

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