Monday, 28 December 2009

Year End: Part 7. End of the Year

I think this would be the last blog before the year end review comes. Ha-ha..
On Christmas morning, I thought I received a Christmas message from my buddy. But. "Hey, Kevin. Let's go to Taman Pertanian on Sunday!" So spontaneously I replied "Yes." This is not the first time already. As usual, only last minute plannings will work. Any planning which suggested for more than 24 hours will never be successful.
Err. Surprisingly, there were about 14 of us went for the one day trip. Too many people to mentioned already but the added participants are the girls, the "long lost" girl gang. We reached there about 9a.m. and the crowd was crazy. No more bicycle for the morning unless we are willing to wait for at least 3 hours. So we have no choice but to take the bus up the hill to Sky-trex Adventures. Haiz. When we reached up the hill, it was another disappointment as there were no available place left for Big Thrill and Extreme Adventures as the bookings were full. For your information, if you happen to plan to go for these 2 thrills, it is best for you to do early booking through phone. Or else you will go back without having any fun or choose to join the kids for the Little Adventure. Phone number is 013-2769841.
As for us, we wouldn't want to go back with a greater disappointment, so we decided to join the kids for Little Adventure in the afternoon. Hmm. We have a lot of time to spend as we need to wait for about 2 hours plus, so we went around the whole area by foot. Not bicycle! Anyway, it was quite interesting and it was kind of new experience as you can see most of the people were travelling with there bicycles around the park except us. So without any time wasting, we actually visited some of the animal parks, plantation sites, the 4-season house with winter as the current theme, a very tall tower etc before returning to Sky-trex Adventures for our Little Adventure.

View from the Tall Tower

Yea, by the way. There are different fees for each of the adventure. Little Adventure is RM 25, Big Thrill is RM 35 and Extreme Adventure is RM 40. Err. The Little Adventure was quite fun and quite challenging for the tall people like me as some of the challenges are more suitable for small kids. So, I had some difficulty in getting across a suspension bridge which is about 1 meter high. Swt-.-" But I actually enjoyed a lot because most of it are actually Fying Fox. Ha-ha.. The day ended when it started raining.
Have fun and Merry Christmas. Cheers^^

P.S. I will try to upload more pictures when I get all the pictures.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Year End: Part 6. Liverpool

When it comes to Liverpool, it is another sad thing to say about. What a disappointed season it is!

They have now lost 4 games more compared to last season but there is a long way to go. Though they have beaten MUnited but people will never forget about Liverpool losing to Chelsea and Arsenal as well. "With 1 good thing, people can spread it to 3 other people; but with 1 bad thing, people can easily spread it to 10 other people." This is what life is all about!

But as a faithful supporter of Liverpool, I will continue to support Liverpool forever. I just hope that Benitez can really fix the matter now or else it will be too late to fix it at the end of the season. I pray hard and hope that they can buy new world-class players and win the FA cup as well as Europa League cup. Yea, I have a very funny video clip to share down here. It's about Liverpool and Arsenal. Enjoy and Merry x'mas!!

Year End: Part 5. Balance Between School Work and Industrial Training

I have a very dull and boring life for this semester break especially during the Christmas period. All plans were cancelled, not even Genting or Sunway; it was a big disappointment for me. Any somehow, it should be my resting time after a tiring week for my industrial attachment.
School work is a never ending mission for every student. No matter it is during your holidays or when you are working, you will never get to run away from school work. Anyway, it keeps my brain working in a slow mode which I think that it is very important, so that I don’t get Alzheimer at a very young age. Crapo!!
When it comes to industrial training, I can say that my friends would not have the chance to experience with what I am experiencing now and vice versa. Ha-ha.
1. You can barely find food in that area.
You don’t see many people work with you as most of them are “counting sheep” or having their own private karaoke or gossip session at most of the time.
3. You will always get extended break time during your tea-break and lunch time.
4. I can find a chicken den within 100 meters distance from your working place.
I see Malays (from QC department) deal with pigs and remove their testicles.
6. You can witness the cruelest way to dissect guinea pigs to obtain their kidneys.
7. My attachment is about producing vaccines for animals, but not human.
I get to go to another attachment site other than the one in Pulau Meranti.
Anyway, it's one more week to go before my classes resume. I think I will miss that place at the end of my attachment.
Life doesn’t just stop here. Life ends when you start to give up.
To be continued...

Year End: Part 4. Don’t Kill Me With Marketing Please

Everyone always says that science and arts subjects are different. The science people will say that science is always flexible but arts subjects are rigid and vice versa. So far as I know, science is always flexible as I am also a science student, arts is just about creativity and inovations by using the same old set of "tools". Ha-ha. Studying science is not about memorising the fact but it is about going around the twist-n-turn and applies the knowledge. That’s why I can cause havoc if I take any arts subject. Ok fine, if you have managed to study both, for example a degree in pharmacy and a MBA but I am sure that your mind-set has changed into a commercialised brain, what you can think about are marketing and creating business only.
As you know and I know, I have to take a supplementary paper for my marketing subject. The overall finals result was average but marketing itself was terrible. This is the first time that I felt integrated subject is much easier. Life is never gets easy as this is going to ruin in my life forever. "I failed, forever I will failed unless miracles really do happen." I don’t think that I can even grab well my second chance. Touch wood* Anyway, if something bad really happen, I am going to leave marketing aside and please don’t ever get me into trouble again if I happen to further my studies. But bear in mind that I cannot take things for granted.
My supervisor actually says that maybe I am not really suitable to have my own business. Why not get a master and become a lecturer! I was like “Huh?!” as this so-called statement slapped onto my face before I enter for my supplementary exam. Just for your information, academic line is always not my preference. Anyway, it is very difficult to predict what is going to happen in the future. I will always carry the wording each I enter the exam hall, “Fight the war, kill them all!”
Life doesn’t just stop here. Life ends when you start to give up.
To be continued...

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Year End: Part 3. Merry, Merry Christmas!

Christmas! How do you define Christmas?

As everyone knows that Christmas is just around the corner but how well does people know about Christmas? In most part of the world, Christmas Day is a public holiday as Christians are scattered at every single corner of the world. But surprisingly, the number of people celebrating this event is much greater than the Christian community in the world. Why! Why! And Why! Do they know the 4 weeks of advent season signify joy, love, peace and hope? Do they know that eating turkey has nothing to do with the church? It is the same as having Easter eggs during Easter Day.

Shopping malls are now set up with all kinds of weird funny Christmas deco; it is as though as there is an award for the best deco. Some shopping malls even have some fake snows, imitating white Christmas. I know that the greatest thing is that all are fighting for the tallest Christmas tree indoor. Come on! Be a bit more sensible and realistic, Malaysia will not have its own white Christmas unless you throw a large cube of ice from sky above, maybe you can get some snowflakes when it reaches down to earth. A dream is still a dream! Everyone is just causing the price hiking and traffic congestions on the road. Sickening*

*In conclusion, be a bit more realistic. Anyway, Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry X'mas in advance.
Life doesn't just stop here. Life ends when you start to give up.

To be continued...

Year End: Part 2. Pray, Pay and Obey!

Pray when you enter the church, pay during collections and obey when the priest says “The Mass is ended, all go in peace.”

In another scenario, pray for my girlfriend for good health, pay for whatever she wants and obey whatever she says.

Lastly, pray for myself that my wife will not make me heart attack, pay NOT whatever she wants and obey NOT whatever she says.

When it is your girlfriend and your mum drop into the water, who will you save first? And when it is your wife and your mum drop into the water, who will you save first? I can assure you that most of the guys can give 2 different answers. But as for me, I don’t think I will save both. Ha-ha. My friend’s sister at the age of 20 had got married with a 30 plus years old guy; I was really in a shocking state when I heard it. Though the girl has achieved maturity physically but it is not mentally. In most of these cases, they may end up divorce but I don’t really hope that this tragic happens. In today’s world, love is no more easy and marriage is no more a responsibility. Why! Because SEX is the reason for love and SEX is reason for marriage as well. What to shame about? Average age of teenagers losing their virginity is getting younger. *No further evaluation as to avoid criticisms. Agree with me?

Life doesn’t just stop here. Life ends when you start to give up.
To be continued...

Year End: Part 1. It’s All About Life

It has been quite a while that my blog is not updated. Anyway, I will update everything in one go now. Bear with all my fruitful stories.

For the past few weeks, I was terribly busy with outings, dinners, gatherings, literature review, and supplementary paper for marketing and last but not least, industrial attachment. As for my research paper updates, I have handed in my second draft and I am now waiting for reply from my supervisor. I, Kevin would always want to make my life interesting, it is not about enjoying, and having fun with entertainments and so on but it is always thing which is beyond its limits, whereby it is beyond your imaginations. I am searching for some extraordinary benefits for example experience in life or maybe it is philosophy of life.

Just talk about one of the gathering. I went out with my friends for dinner in Kepong last Friday. Err. If you want to know about the dinner, it was not that satisfying. “I went there with hope but left there with disappointment.” Anyway, the day didn’t just stop there. We went 游车荡 along the road of Chow Kit at about 11 something before heading to Star Hill and Pavilion. As everyone knows, that road is famous with prostitutions. Ouch. Mind your own business; I know most of you will not even dare to go near there. As from my experience, they are always hidden at the dark unseen staircase along the shop-lots, waiting for customers even though there is a police station nearby. It’s strange right? I don’t know I should have some sense of sympathy or elicit some social anger towards them as AIDS and STD are spreading more widely in today’s world. Anyway, that’s their source of income.

When I reached Star Hill and Pavilion, it was totally converse with what I saw minutes before. It was all about status and luxuries. Luxury cars parked along the road between Star Hill and Pavilion like no body’s business, everyone is having a cigar in their hand, some even got drunk at the bar etc. It is kind of heaven for guys as they are free to flirt with the girls. Wow, luckily they are not having sex at the street as this is Malaysia. Anyway, I admit that it is also a heaven for me but I considered it more as an eye-opener. Ha-ha. =p Another thing ran across my mind, I wonder why they can spend money so easily and freely, is it that money can be earned easily nowadays? Seated at the sofa at Star Hill, second floor facing Pavilion at midnight, it would be a luxury for me if I have a glass of whiskey in my hand.

Got Chased by the Guards from Pavilion.

Life doesn’t just stop here. Life ends when you start to give up.

To be continued…

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Team Building Camp (21st to 23rd Nov 2009)

Just came back from a team building camp yesterday..
I was terribly tired the whole day yesterday and even this morning. Feel like sleeping back but I couldn't keep my eyes close after sleeping for about 8 hours. Anyway, I will be having my nap later on and get my hands on the literature review after that. Life is so relaxing thro'out the days after finals even during the camp, I just feel like sleeping thro'out the whole camp. Wakaka.. But...
We had our team building camp at Nur Lembah Pangsun Eco Resort this year. Life being there would be interesting if you happen to join their activities. Though Kuen and I were the only participants from year3, but nothing separates us from the others because we are all from the same school. I happened to mix with most of the fourth year students (about 9 of them) and it was trilling fun. It was some kind of new experience for me because I happened to come to a camp which I was a bit unfamiliar with others. So socialising skills and making new friendship with others are really important but i don't think I have that problem this time. =p I have new friends from Yr1 and Yr2 as well now.

Externally, the place looks quite ok but I don't think so when you enter the dormitory. It is not spatial at all and I think it is quite hard to take a gasp of clean air inside the dormitory. Haha.. Even a tent is much better than this. Anyway, I considered this is a luxury camp because we have a proper sleeping place, toilet facilities, cafeteria, hall etc. It would be a bad experience for the first timers but I really hope that they really enjoyed it. There were a lot of activities such as abseiling, jungle trekking, rock climbing, camp fire and many other team building activities as well. I was pretty familiar with most of the activities except rock climbing, but I think I did pretty well in it because I managed to reach the peak. Haha..

Outside of the dormitory

Inside the dormitory

View from the dormitory

Lastly, Ms Wong actually visited us on the 2nd day of the camp for experience sharing. It was really interesting to know more about her. Haha.. And we even had group pictures with her.
This 五连拍ends my blog for this time. So I am looking forward for the next camp organised by the Yr1 students next year.
Cheers and happy holiday^^

Friday, 20 November 2009

Starting of the Holidays..

“You don’t deserve to become a treasurer because it’s not just about collecting money, keeping money and paying money!”
Oh, shit! That’s a bit too much! All my efforts are flushed down the toilet bowl yesterday morning. That’s it! How do you expect everything in this world to follow a certain rule and move? Is selling t-shirts a big business whereby you need quotations and purchase order, why not you ask for invoice, credit notes etc?! That’s why I hate a lot of accounting, business, law or even IT; they are all just following RULES! Anyway, it’s about half a year more to go. And this burden is going to be passed on for the next batch unless she is changed.
So fast and it’s already Saturday. I will be having a camping trip tomorrow, a so-called team building camp for 3days 2nights. I love to go for these kinds of adventurous trips especially camping and expeditions whereby you will get to learn many things which you won’t be able to learn in the classroom, that’s how I landed in joining scout during my secondary. Hmm. Actually I had one very bad experience about camping and I think I was in form 2 at that time. It was the entirely the teacher’s fault actually.
We had a district “kembori” somewhere in Templers Park at that time and it actually started on a Friday evening. So each participant was supposed to arrive there about 5pm but my school was excused to be late for about an hour because most of my group members were in the afternoon session. Things got even worse when my stupid lazy teacher didn’t appeal to the headmistress to allow us to leave the class earlier, so we started our journey from school about 7pm after that. After having a tough ride in bus and fighting against the traffic, we reached there about 9pm. Other participants were socializing but my group was still building our tent. I can say that we didn’t have any luck on that day as downpour started when we were half way through building our fence. We were already attacked by the heavy rain but we might be attacked by snakes as well as we haven’t pour sulfur around our camp site.
As time went by, my camp site was flooded but we have to bear with it right until about 1 am. That was the time we rebuild our camp site and had a nice pack of Maggie Noodle as our dinner + supper. Anyway, the best moment during that camp is I was given the honor to raise the district flag during the closing ceremony. Too bad that I do not have any pictures during my scouting days but I managed to improve my skill by making mini-models.

Don’t be surprise that I was to only Chinese joining the scout. By the way, the mini tower was what I gave to my close friends who joined Police Cadet and Rangers.
Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Mission To Be Accomplished

The day began at 5am today because I slept early last night. I am now very energetic even though it's 2.30pm now, maybe it's because of the delayed effect of Nescafe which I took yesterday. Hopefully, studying will be my main programme for today. As for lunch today, my mission of cooking tom yam is on! Amateur cooks always have bad estimations, so all the ingredients looks to be more than the noodle itself. Haha.. So here are my ingredients...

Those are my main ingredients with some minced pork in replace of chicken meat, a bit of seafood. Rabbits always love carrot, so there goes my carrot as well as some cabbage + mushroom. Lemon in replace of lime so that it will taste better.

Here's my back-up item, in case things are not on the right way! Hee..

After with all the pots and pans, finally here's my tom yam with noodle. One thing good about cooking your own meal is you can put what ever you want in what ever amount you want! But the worst part is if you cooked too much, you got to stuff everything down your throat. Or else it will be a waste. lolzz.
In conclusion, my mission was quite successful but there are many improvements needed as well. For example, carrots and cabbage do not really go well with tom yam, onions got to be in bigger pieces and remember to add more salt as well. So the following picture wraps up everything for this blog. SO DAMN FULL!! burp...* =p Excuse me about that.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Mission 5, Section 6 out of 7 Completed..

Thai aquas are always beautiful but too bad that the positive charge cannot be connected to the positive pole, there is always a repulsion. Or else my mum will be very disappointed with me. But just a bit sad that why were they going against mother nature. I am born to be a male, that's what I am now..
After battling for 5papers in less than 2weeks in the battlefield already, it is time to have some rest before proceeding for the final war on next Tuesday. Overall, it is really "Holy Sheet" for this semester. None of the paper seems to be easy to me, or maybe it's because of my progress is a bit slow for this semester. The worse paper that I can say is Marketing for Pharmacy. The lecturer's expectation is a bit too high for us already until I have no idea what were the questions asking about. Nvm. No point looking back. Just think of what is ahead. "Life doesn't just stop here!"
Everyone is not going to be at hometown for the weekend except me which is still hanging with one last paper. I feel like watch Phobia2 ALONE on Saturday but I am a bit scare to stay alone at home for the night. Haizz.. Why can't "you" come out a bit late so that I do not need to go alone to the cinema! Maybe I should opt for a pirated DVD for this. Haha..
Ok, when it comes to food, nothing is going to stop me from having nice food. I always like spicy stuffs especially Thai tom yam but there is only one place that sells the best tom yam which is Jalan Alor. Others, it is either horrible, terrible or lousy. You see, it is again Thais! Maybe I should think of going there to work in the future and for food as well, but not for a "Girl". Ok, maybe it is a bit difficult to predict what is going to happen in the future, but I got to make sure that I have check that person thoroughly that she is a 100% authentic, genuine, pure female without any transsexual operation or such history before. And again, but you may not know whether there is a hidden internal male reproductive organ or not.
Itch.... Back to the topic. Emm.. Yummy yummy tom yam. But sometimes it is really difficult to resist such thing when you really want to have it. So I have a new target now, which is cooking tom yam from scratch. Wish me good luck for this mission!! Hope that I can update something about this in my next blog.
Cheers and have a nice day^^

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Thursday, Oct 29 2009

Yea guys! That's actually a piece of dead skin from my body. Haha.. Nothing beats the Malaysia's sun when you are at the beach. You will get sun-burn definitely if you do not apply sun-block. Anyway, it is good to have a new covering for my body now! But just don't over do it, or else you will get dehydrated like one news a couple of months back. That person actually passed away after that.
Huu.. Study break is coming to an end already and my first paper is going to be on next Monday. Bye bye to the newly renovated library. After some increment in our tuition fees, I finally saw something which is productive and beneficial from the university to the students. At least I still have the chance to enjoy it for another 3 semesters before I leave the university. And another thing, so sad that my industrial attachment is going to be postponed this time. There goes my X'mas break and it is going to be a rushing start for the new semester.
As everyone knows that the Thais always produce superb horror movies e.g. Shutter, Coming Soon, 4bia etc. In this coming Nov, they are going to come up with another new horror movie which is Phobia2. There are 4 short stories in the first movie but it is going to be 5 short stories this time. Since the first has done outstandingly, so I am sure that this is going to be good as well. There following is the trailer for Phobia2. Btw, you guys may search for the whole 4bia movie on Enjoy the show!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Life Reflection #4 & #5

Yea, MUnited players, fans, die-heart supporters and what so ever can keep their mouth shut already. After getting all the beach balls into the stadium on Sunday, but none of it successfully made a history. Anyway, the small boy who threw the beach ball into the pitch during the Sunderland-Liverpool match has apologised after receiving tonnes of dead threats from Liverpool supporters. Maybe you can read his news from the following link:-
Ok, back to the topic. I have already left out 3 life reflections already, so I should get the ball rolling back now or else my friend would be very disappointed with me. Haa.. So in his life reflection #4, it is actually about "Generosity". When it comes to this word, I am sure that many of you have the word 'money' in your mind already. Am I correct.......? But in general, generosity can be in terms of anything, for example time, love, energy etc. Since everyone likes money a lot, so I will take money as my subject.
In life, I am sure that many of us are struggling to search for good wealth. You may always ask God, "Why am I always struggling for money?" The answer is actually very simple. IT IS BECAUSE YOU NEVER GIVE. But some really did their part but still asking the same old question. So I should ask you back, "Are you living a happy and peaceful life now?" It is not necessary that you give out money and you will get something back in terms of cash. Do you wish that God comes down to you and write a cheque for you? Haha.. I think you are going to freak out even before he appears to you! Don't be offended as I know that this issue is a bit sensitive but it's actually the reality.
Next, he is talking about why does he come up with all these life reflections. In his opinion, many people are living just for the sake of living, for survival from day to day. But is that meaningful to live like that for decades? Yea, absolutely not! There should be a reason, purpose or what so ever for you to live in this world. Many of you have lived in this world for so many years but have you ever asked yourself, "Who am I actually?" It's not about defining your name or what you are now. I think I should stop here and let you reflect yourself for some moment. Bear in mind that you have 365days in one year, so it is going to be 3650days in one decade. Is your life just a period of one decade only?
Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Friday, 23 October 2009

An Unproductive Week..

This is going to be crazy...

Exam is just one week ahead but nothing was drilled into the brain. All thanks to my last minute sore throat, fever, flu and cough. I prefer self-healing, so it took one whole week to give me full recovery. I am much better now. Goshhhh....

Though I am down, but my spirit for Liverpool is still super high. Sad to say that, they are performing terribly for the last few matches. All the key players have gone out due to injuries. No TORRES, no GERRARD, no JOHNSON and no REIRA. OMG! How are they going to beat MUnited this week end. It's going to be a very big embarrassment if you lose more than 3-0 at home. Anyway, pray hard that Liverpool can make some miracle this time. Or else, it is going to be no CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, no PREMIER LEAGUE, no LEAGUE CUP and no FA CUP this season.

It is raining now. It is going to be messy tomorrow morning...

When it is going to be end of October, it means that All Souls' Day is just around the corner. I am sure that many of you would not know what is that but it is actually the 清明节 for the Catholics. As for this year, I am not going to visit my great grand and grand parents on the actual day because it falls on the first day of my exam. So my mum get me to go earlier, which is tomorrow morning. Ok, i am fine with it. The mosquitoes are going to have big feast for the weeks to come. Haha.. Come on, pray with a sincere heart.

Btw, before i wrap up for this time. Guess what is in the following picture. This is going to be interesting. You can leave your answers in the comment column. Welcome.

Enjoy and have a nice day..^^ "Life doesn't just stop here, make everyday an interesting day.."

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Dr. Rao's Farewell Party (back date on 14th of Oct)

After having so many blogs about myself, it's time to have something about events...

It's again. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is going to lose another good lecturer again, it is Dr. Rao this time. Though my batch is not the first group which he encountered since he entered this university but unrealisingly, we have knew him for more than 4semesters already. Wow, that is almost 2years out of my 2years plus in this university. Too bad that he is not teaching me for one more semester, looks like my batch is going to have a tough time for Cancer Chemotherapy and maybe CNS again. Haha..

Anyway, what we can do is just wish him all the best.
The following video is actually one small part of the event, enjoy..

Here are some photo shots..

After Dr. Thet, Ms. Shruti, Ms. Wong, Mr. Jony, Mr. Tarek and now Dr. Rao, who is going to be next?... Life doesn't just stop here..

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Happy Deepavali.. lolzz..

Ooch. I can't imagine that my 5years old niece told me dirty jokes when i met her at my mum's old friend's house for deepavali.
Don't go into that first, I will tell the joke later. My mum actually has this special Indian friend for more than 40years already. The special thing about him is "Wow!", it's not that he knows mandarin, but surprisingly he knows how to play majong. Every Chinese New Year without fail, he will come to my house on the first day of CNY and plays with all my aunties. But too bad that I do not know how to play. Then for every Deepavali, we will visit his house. So back to the food, it was super delicious and spicy but I got to pay the price of it this morning in the toilet and having sore throat till today. Just got some lozenges to relieve it. So irritating!
So this little girl was so boring, so she entertained me that night with her 'dirty jokes'. Here goes one of her story. -- A lady has a daughter named 'Nen Nen'. On one fine day, she took Nen Nen to visit the zoo. During one of the ride, she lost Nen Nen and she proceeded to the office to look for Nen Nen. So the officer asked her, "What is your daughter's name?" then she replied, "Nen Nen." Ok, fine. Then the officer asked her again, "So how big is your Nen Nen?" She replied, "As big as the watermelon." lolzz.. See how corrupted is her mind.
Ok, this is just a bit of entertainment from me. Get back to you guys later with moe updates. Have a nice day and cheers^^

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Nightmare vs Sleep..

Oopss.. I am being tagged as an evil mastermind in Facebook.. What does that mean? Hmm..
My miseries studying at home finally came to an end because the workers have finished upgrading the drainage system in my housing area finally. The two months was really suffering with all the drilling sounds, tractors, cement mixer, workers 吹水sound etc etc. Thought of looking for some peaceful minds in the U at that time but that was even worse because the forever upgrading university is not done with their construction which has been months already.
It was a "Hurray" for less than 5 hours. Just starting to have some peace at home and wanted to start studying at 2am. Something has really gave me shock and tremendous impact which I will never forget. Don't worry, not that I have seen any ghost but it was actually worse than that. It was my NIGHTMARE! I haven't have this kind of nightmare before whereby I don't dare to wake up, not until i see sunlight or having anyone woke up before me. Maybe it just want to stimulate my brain before my study break starts and change my abnormal sleeping habit. Anyway, the dream was about how am I murdered brutally! No further evaluation. winks*
Let's have something about "sleep" before I wrap up for this time. Many people have different sleeping patterns but I know that I have the most abnormal one because I used to wake up when people sleeps and I do wake up again when people wakes up. This type of sleeping pattern most likely to develop a kind of condition called the sleep debt whereby you have insufficient of rest and you will get all kinds of mental, emotional and physical fatigues when you are awake. It actually disturbs your mind more when you are trying to concentrate, eventually you will have nothing in your brain at the end of the day. That's why you need caffeine to make you alert all the time.
"Life doesn't just stop here and LIKE THAT, live life happy..........!"
Cheers and have a nice day^^

Sunday, 11 October 2009



Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Colour Symbolism

"Ding Dong.." (message alert) "Please proceed to finance office to settle demage report.." Ooo, crap... The Unlimited Currency Sucking Institution sent me a notification with a typographic error calling me to settle the "demage" report today. They are super duper efficient in asking money from the students but they will take ages to settle things in the other way round especially when getting back things from the U. This is not the first time already. Anyway, what can I expect from a company which is profit-oriented, or else I won't be getting my result at the end of the semester. This is some kind of threatening act!
Hmm.. After a mad mad tiring day battling in U and paid RM10.50 just for the mini-volumetric flask, what is in my mind is getting back home as soon as possible. Sorry to say that going out for entertainment is really not I want. Pheww.. Just don't think about what have happened moments before, keep my mind free and enjoy my journey back. I love the way back especially when I reach roads with trees along them. These are all psychological effects. Based on the colour symbolism, GREEN is the colour that will sooth your eyes and producing calming effect when seen. **Don't look at the negative perceptions on GREEN. So sometimes it really give you a piece of peaceful mind and a bit of satisfaction when you see the trees. Here, satisfaction means what you have done for the day. It is more enjoyable if you have flowers to make them more colourful and cheerful.
And again, what about the night. Colours of light, YELLOW symbolises feelings of happiness. As for me, the most attractive lightings in KL is from Genting Highlands. It is soooo obvious, so obvious because you can see it as floating lightings in the sky. I would be happy, I am sure that everyone would be happy as well. I think this is most probably the main reason why people like to go to try their luck there. "Colour of Wealth". I am having my chance to try when my friend is back from Sarawak. Haha..
Wow, I didn't realise that I have blogged more than 100 posts already. Anyway, I hope that the great numbers do bring something more than the numbers stated.. => I think I left out something. The significant of highlighting red in the first paragraph symbolises WAR.!! Absolutely W.A.R.! **Not about love, not about passion, not about sex in this case.
Cheers and have a nice day^^

Monday, 5 October 2009

Half Time..

Oops.. I have nearly forgotten about blogging. Haha.. Anyway, it's half time for Liverpool vs Chelsea now. Still 0-0. What I can say that the referee is again bias. So disappointed!
Hmm. The day for yesterday was really terrible though it was mooncake festival. All thanks to Marketing quiz which was in the morning. I can say that it was a tough one and I don't really have the brain to solve most of the scenario given in the question paper. It was so frustrating to have this kind of paper! Anyway, it's just for one semester only.
Haha.. Something more terrible that I have discovered today. I just found out that the place for my industrial training is really suck. The place is so isolated and you will never discover that place if you do not have the intention to discover it. It is 100x worse than Bangi Industrial Park. WHAT CAN I DO! Anyway, it's just for about 3weeks training only. I am very sure that my expenses will surely shoot up for about 5x.
At many times, very seldom that we notice or pay attention to something which is too normal for us. Maybe I should bring out something interesting this time! I am not sure whether you guys realise why does man always like to hold woman at the waist maybe during some friendly hug, or during a date etc. Actually based on a bible scripture, man actually derived from the lower rip of a woman during the Creation. So this is the answer for the "why". Haha.. Interesting?
Ok, times up. Liverpool is now one goal down now. Haizz.. Chealsea sucksssssssss... Have a nice day..

Monday, 28 September 2009

Don't Miss This Out!!

Hye, guys. I am not sure whether the New Zealand Natural ad. caught the eyes of ice-cream lover or not. But never mind, you won't miss out over here! Maybe some of you have knew it.

Are you craving for great-tasting, truly satisfying ice cream?It's the right time for New Zealand Natural!
With a whole 30% off Take Home Packs on the 30th of every month, it's the perfect opportunity to catch up with the flavours you know and love so well. Or try something new for the very thrilling first time.Make it an all-natural family day out, a well-deserved treat after a long day at work or just an impulse buy to put a smile on your face. Whatever your reasons, New Zealand Natural has a flavour with your name on it. Go get a regular or large Take Home Pack today and enjoy even more of our naturally-sweetened premium ice cream from 'The Land of The Long White Cloud'.That's 'New Zealand' translated from the indigenous Maori language. See? Who says ice cream doesn't make you smart?Drop by soon to experience the taste of New Zealand for yourself.The only thing we ask is for you to not show up in February with this promo in mind.

* 30% on the 30th promotion is applicable to ice cream Take Home Packs, regular and large only.

Wow, Baskin Robbins is giving 31% off on every 31st of the month which normally comes in once in every 2months but New Zealand Natural is giving 30% off on every 30th of the month. Most of the months have 30days except February. Come on, their ice-cream is not cheap either! So what are you waiting for! Pay the price for good quality ice-creams, you will never regret. Don't tell me you want to wait for Haagen Dazs promotion! Haha.. Pray hard that they will give 29% off on every 29th of the month.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

A Day to be Sarcastis..

Sickening.. It is so sickening when there is injuries added on an injured person.
My right big toe has injured 2 weeks ago and actually you can see that it is dark red in colour. The colour is mainly because of the dry blood under my toe nail, sad that I can't remove it. But unfortunately, the blood seems to be fresh again after the game yesterday. Then my friend told me, "It is time for you to remove you toe nail." Oh, gosh! It is removing off the whole nail. I can't really imagine how is it going to be but this is not my next step absolutely. I know that it will take ages to reform back the whole toe nail. What I can do now is to take precautions. I will try to press as many times as possible at that area in a day to check whether I still have any sensation or not. Haha. I just scare that it will lead to gangrene and there goes my leg. "COME ON, BE OPTIMISTIC!"
There is really joy today whereby I get to see back my friends and so on and so on. But the greatest thing for today is passing up the deathliest marketing plan. Huu.. Let me take a deep deep breath before I conclude this issue. Most of my classmates were struggling to give their best shot while doing their marketing plans but none of them seem to impress the lecturer. As I have said before, perhaps the lecturer's expectation is a bit too high. Anyway, we will know the progress of this subject by this Saturday.
After the 9.9.09 so-called lucky day (but we still don't know how lucky is it going to be, at least be a bit optimistic with it), we are now waiting for the coming of final exam. Haha.. But before that, there is still a mooncake festival. I am not so sure when is it but I just know it is just around the corner. It is really hard to know when is the actual day nowadays because those mooncake makers are start selling mooncakes on the street now. Some even more terrible, some have started since the hungry ghost festival which is actually one whole month (based on the Chinese calendar) before the mooncake festival. Oh dear. Now only I can relate how come their mooncakes can be sell out very well. Hee. Have you heard before what is 'Hantu Pelaris'? Hee. Sound impressive? It's now up to your own imagination...
When I want to get myself moving on,
I wanted God to kick my butt so that I can start moving on.
But when God kicked my butt, I tend to fall flat on the ground.
"Why?" I complained. I complained that God kicked my butt too hard
but God says "Learn from mistakes!"
So the lesson here is calling God for help is not a solution for you to move on.
It is about learning from a LAZY mistake.
You should be happy that you have a good life.
Have a nice day and live life happy. Cheers^^

Friday, 25 September 2009

Fainted, Fainting and Going to Faint AGAIN..

"MARI, MARI, HOM! Can I pass my marketing subject?" (Not Mangkali loves you!)
Wow, marketing subject is a very very dry subject. I don't even know and what is it for! Come on, I think it is a bit too early to talk about business matter to me and moreover, it is a deep deep one. Place studies in the first place but money in the second place. Our lecturer is too "advanced" but I am the stupid nut which is left far behind her. I am not sure whether it is her expectation is too high for us or I am really the stupid nut. This is going to be the toughest subject throughout this whole course. That's why I have fainted since the day this marketing plan started and I am still half way fainting after receiving her feedbacks or else I won't be sitting here to blog. Finally, most likely that I am going to faint again in the final exam. Oo, CRAP! I just can't wait to begin my semester break AGAIN!
So fast and it is already end of my Raya break. Looks like I am going to return to the U by having the same brain as before the Raya break. No input but there is leakage. I just remember that I have just studied about the reproductive system throughout this semester, absolutely nothing else. But I have something different when I go back to the U, which is my hair cut. Anyway, I think I should have stop here, or else it is going to be pointless of having this Raya break. Cheers^^

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Insomnia, Insomnia............

Insomnia, insomnia.. Really having terrible insomnia.. I can now call myself GOD OF INSOMNIA!
Sleeping for less than 4 hours daily for 5 consecutive days. This is really bad to my body system. Luckily it is Hari Raya now and there's not many people in KL, or else it will be crowded and I am at high risk of getting H1N1 due to weak body defense. I am not sure why is this happening even though I did not take coffee for about a week, maybe I am entering the aging process and having a different sleeping pattern compared to other teenagers. So sad that everyone is coming back today and KL is not going to be a dead town until the end of the year.
Anyway, life is very hectic these few days even though I did not work at Vincci for this Raya break. First and foremost is about the marketing plan. Getting more worries day by day, I think this is one of the factor which causes me insomnia. Next, I had a lot of gatherings these few days because my parents were not in as they have went somewhere else for holiday. From my juniors, to my 兄弟; from my 兄弟, to my former classmates; nearly gone out with my church friends, but I was a bit too lazy at that time. This is the disadvantages if you have super great networking with many people around you. lolzz.. Just joking about that. Pray hard that I can finish my DFD, marketing and maybe a bit of non-Rx notes by the end of this week.
I am not sure why is this "MARRIAGE" thing keeps playing in my mind. Maybe I am having the wrong perceptions of married at the moment, that's why GOD is screwing the positive ideas into my brains everytime when I have a dream. Hye, it is not a kidding matter as I am having these dreams even in my afternoon nap. Once, someone told me about this, "令你感动的人不一定可以让你找到真爱." The first time when I heard this, I think that this is really a bullshit, or else why is it so many people believe in 一见钟情 and falls into the love trap so damn easily especially girls. But after a while, it is really true when I think back. Haha.. Based on my opinion, these people are most likely to cause "one night stand" problems. So when there is some unavoidable thing has happened. They got no choice but got to just follow the "law"if they are responsible. So they got married because of RESPONSIBILITY.
But the contradicting thing is when my priest told me about this. A married person will only have one responsibility but a non married person will have a lot of responsibilities. This is because married people will need to be responsible for their own spouses, not others wife or husband but non married people will need to be responsible to make everyone at their surrounding to be happy. WHY? Don't tell me that you don't need to be responsible for talking to someone else, how about flirting or maybe peeping someone else? If you tend to be an anti-social person like me in the future, then this doesn't apply to you. But you want to be a free person after getting married. I want to have infinite freedom to myself, I am selfish which doesn't like sharing. So what is the conclusion! DON'T GET MARRIED! (Please don't tell my mum, my mum will get upset and kill me off straight away) lolzzz...
Enjoy and have a nice day^^ Selamat Hari Raya to everyone!!

Saturday, 19 September 2009


Sometimes human does not know how to appreciate things that they have, but sadly, what they know is k.o.c. which is KEEP ON COMPLAINING!

...and you question God -'why me?'....

always look at the bigger picture....

A day without the Lord- Is a day wasted.

God is going to shift things around for you today and let things work in your favor.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Life Reflection #2 and #3

I am so disappointed by ending my pharmacy attachment in such a way...

I do not know whether I should be disappointing with myself or the others. But I really feel that I am innocent in this situation. Anyway, I got to get back to the pharmacy and finalise everything thoroughly next week. This is the first time that I got so pissed off but what can I do!! Ok, let's not talk about that anymore and get back to my friend's life reflection.

Reflection #2

There are actually 2 stories. So the first story is more suitable for those who are bad-tempered, easily get irritated or maybe having very sensitive kind of personality. The story relates an advice of a father for his son to control his temper as not to hurt the people around him. He said to his son, " Son, whenever you are angry and feel like behaving uncontrollably, how about you drive a nail into the wall behind our house with a hammer." So his son follows.

As the days go by, though he is having more and more nails on the wall but he is hammering lesser nails on the wall day by day. At the day when he stops, his father told him, "Excellent son. Now, whenever you are still angry and in an emotional hijack, pull 1 nail out of the wall instead."

At the end, though the nails are all removed, but they left a lot of holes behind. "Well, you see, when you were angry, you hurt the people around you with your words and actions as if you were driving nails into their heart. Even though you removed those nails, damages had already been done and there were still holes left in it."

No matter how many times you say SORRY,
but there will still be holes in their heart.

Reflection #3

As for the third reflection, human tends to take STRESS as a lame excuse in life. As life goes on, it will become uncontrollable and tends turn into a burden. Some people who use their ass to think, you can tell them you will meet them in heaven in 50 or 60 years time. But what if they can think rationally. Imagine you are holding a light plastic cup, with your arm stretched out straight. You may feel nothing initially, but what will happen if you hold it for long period of time? Come on! It's so simple. Just PUT DOWN THE CUP.

"People experience stress in life NOT because they carry too many burdens

Just in case, I can give you another opinion. Try to think that particular thing from a different dimension which may turn things the other way round, what I mean is 360degrees. From pessimism to optimism; from discouragement to encouragement; from goalless to achievable; from zero to a hero. Come on! Life doesn't end with failures because you are the one who determines your own future.

Cheers and have a nice weekend^^

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

9.9.9 It's Not An Emergency for Today..

Come on, it's 9.9.09 today! Where were you and what were you doing at 9.09am?

Hye, guys. My friend was on his way creating history in the Malaysian Book of Record this morning. He actually gathered the largest group to sing one patriotic song at that very moment. But I still don't know what is the status for his record breaking, so I hope that he can really make it. Good luck, Gabe! Ok, don't ask about me because it was quite sad for my case. I know many couples are getting married today as everything today is also "9". "Their head" believes that they can stay together 长长久久, that's why they ended up to tide the knot today and surprisingly that they didn't even bother that it is still the month of 7 in the Chinese calender. Sometimes it really makes me wonder, where is the sense of superstitious FROM THEM!!!

It was rather a sad news which ended today's class. Very soon, I am losing one more very good pharmacology lecturer. What I can say is that, "Oh, shit! Here goes my CNS and cancer chemotherapy for next semester. I hope that it is not going to be another tragic like aseptic dispensing." Anyway, I can only wish him all the best. So fast and it is already a semester without Dr. Thet, Ms Shruti and Mr Jony. The turnover rate now is very high, so hopefully that I can pass out with some of my favourite lecturers are still around. Anyway, let's not talk about it already, this news made me forgotten about meeting up with the students' affairs officer after the class.

But the day ended interesting today. Right after the class today, I met up with a few of my former classmates to go back to our primary and secondary schools. The main motive is to recall back those days in school especially the canteen food. Haha.. Don't ask me how did we get in because it was a really terrible experience whereby we were chased out by the guard later on. lolzz.. So we landed standing in front of the junk food stall in front of the school only. Wow, that aunt really didn't change much compared to 10years ago but we are the one that have changed. We were the source of income for her 10years ago but it is not 5years after that when we were no more in that school. But somehow we get to recall some memory when we were at the stall. Eating junk food at the road side is just an once in a blue moon event for us. So it's no harm if you eat a lot today.

Ok, I think that's all for today. Btw, I have uploaded the latest 15Malaysia video clip, so enjoy watching it. Happy birthday to Kah Kit and Adrian!!

15Malaysia - Meter

Cheers and have a nice day^^

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Here Comes 15Malaysia..

I am not sure is everyone aware that the Malaysian filemakers have came up with 15 short video clips entitled 15Malaysia in conjunction with this year's national day. Happy b'day, Malaysia. 52 years old....

Anyway, it is not to late that you know it now because there are only 11 clips were out currently. They are actually all about the Malaysians. Absolutely everything, the culture, what we always see in the newspaper but of course nothing to do with war. Come on, this is a country which has the rights of freedom of speech. So well, I have uploaded my favourites as samples. You can look for more in or

15Malaysia - Potong Saga

15Malaysia - Slovak Sling

15Malaysia - House

The others are "Chocolate" which is by Yasmin Ahmad, "The Tree", "Halal", "The Son", "The Future" etc. So keep yoourself updated with all the clips and for your information, the last clip is to be released on the 16th of September.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Omg.. Ultraman Again..

Just don't freak out.. Someone just became more superior than me in memorising the ultraman names.. She is just a one year old girl. I can sing ultraman song with all the old ultramans but she can beat me by sing ultraman song with all the modern and updated ultramans. Just one week ago, my mum got her a new ultraman pillow, she was damn happy!
I am bit regret of getting her a new ultraman movie. Every morning when she comes, she will get into my room and give me a kick at my ass with the "hiak, hiak" sound. Then if she is still around when I am back at home in the evening, the same ultraman movie is again repeated for all the weekdays without fail. Omg.. I think Ceria channel should really consider to remove the ultraman show or else this little girl will violate my idol.
Ok, back to the weekend story. Actually I am a bit lazy to update my blog because I was too tired after doing my attachment at the pharmacy 2 days straight and I need to study for my upcoming quiz some more. Besides, my mum is not at home for the weekend again as she went for a trip. Ok, nvm. But the saddest thing is my mum will not be in in the next 2 weekends AGAIN!! Looks like I will be seeing my mum less than 10 hours a week. Haha..
As for the attachment, it was very interesting and entertaining. And again, I have an atmosphere of girls again. Absolute no GUYS! I have no idea about why guys do not work in the pharmacy. So as for these 2 days, I actually have the opportunity to carry out BP test the customers as I was too free and the most interesting part is solving a case for a customer who is really having problem in stopping to smoke. Anyway, I have tried my best in helping the patient to clear her doubts with all her underlying problems. Besides, I have a very good entertainer to take away all my broadness when I was in the pharmacy. Overall, 4 stars for a maximum 5 stars rating. Hopefully I can end my attachment soon and get a break.
Have a nice day^^
P.S. I still haven't blog about the #2 life reflection. Please give me some time.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Say 'No' to Smoking'

God is very fair to everyone...

God gives life to everyone and He treats everyone equally. But it's very sad when human begins to be selfish and didn't really care about others. With one puff of the cigarette, you will get the pleasure, but did you think about others, the second-hand smokers? The government has really pushed hard on curbing this problem. Recently, they had came up with a very touching story related to the anti-smoking campaign. Maybe some of you would have seen it on the TV screen but I don't think you mind watching it again..

So as for my advice, those who are still smoking and didn't really think of smoking, please smoking more! Get to 2 or 3 cigarettes at one go!! If you really think of stopping it, get your hand on the action and don't look back. Lastly, for those have started to stop this habit, credits for you and keep it up the good job!

You may want to rate this video clip, so go ahead and leave your comment. Thanks and have a nice day^^

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Yeah, I Am Done With My Work..

Yeah, I am done with my lab reports, proposal for an event etc and it is now time to work on my research project... Now I got to search for journals, the real periwinkle flower for photo shooting etc. In case you don't know what is periwinkle, the Malay name for it is Kemunting Cina or scientific name is Vinca or Catharanthus.

I am quite excited and it will be a bit exciting because my parents are not in for a few days. So I can consider myself as a free man for 3 days, from today onwards. I think most of my u'mates were back in their hometown already due to the 4 days holiday for Merdeka, even half of the class was absent today. It's a bit sad for the lecturer but this doesn't affect her and me too. I just have my packet of Twisties and Nescafe throughout the whole lecture plus extra time.
Ok, just a few days back, one of my father's former classmate passed away (sudden death). I didn't have chance to attend for the funeral to pay him the last respect but my sister accompanied my father. My sister knew him it is because he was the runner for my sister's former company. According to my sister, he has quite a sad story as the children do not seem to be obedient as he is just a step father for them but he really treat them well. So after he passed away, actually no one knew expect his immediate family members. Not even their uncles, their aunties, church members expect the pastor and colleagues. It was just by accident only the colleagues knew this. Is this a secret that cannot be spread to everyone, not even within their own family. Why such things happen?
It's really strange and you can't explain this by using any reason. Sometimes life is so unpredictable, you will never know what is going to happen tomorrow!
"Many things about tomorrow, I don't seem to understand.
But I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand.."

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Monday, 24 August 2009

The Hammer

I have a friend who is very creative and inovative in thinking. He can turn his brain in the speed of light and come up with an answer for your question. But what I like about him is not about how fast he can think, but it is about how creative he can be..
Recently, he came up with a simple story which is about a HAMMER to relate to our personal life. In his story, he emphasises the importance of creativity and inovation in life. A carpenter will not be success or fulfilling all his customer's needs if he only has a hammer in his toolbox. No matter how hard he tries, his mind is just within the range of what a hammer can do! This shows that the carpenter's innovation is blocked instead of expended. So, the moral of this story is to remind you to be open-minded all the time.

"Do not always see something as what you previously perceive or
you may find yourself stuck in a circle in life!"

The world in always moving, life is always changing and so do you?!

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Saturday, 22 August 2009

SMKDL Invaded by BLIMP!!

Haizz.. I missed out another good event again!! My Lokman school is invaded by BLIMP!
So sad that I didn't have a chance to witness it by myself. Anyway, it is just another disappointment for me like donating money to build the school hall but I didn't have the chance to use it. Even if I want to play badminton, I still got to pay. This world is becoming more and more materialistic! Looks like only the gen Z will benefit it.
Ok, nvm. Let's get back to topic. You may wonder what is a blimp?! It's actually a free flying aircraft or airship which is non rigid in structure. This aircraft rely on both high pressure of the lifting gas inside the envelope and strength of the envelope itself. The concept that they use here is almost the same as hot-air balloon. So if you throw a hammer on it and it bursts, it's considered K.O. Here's some picture..

Actually It's More Than Half The Size of the Football Field

Luckily It Has Some Sense of Direction that It Didn't Bang on the 4-Storeys Building

Enjoy and have a nice weekend^^

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Late Better Than Sorry..

Back to last Saturday, my parents and I went out for dinner. So when I was looking for a parking space around the 'makan' place, there was 1 guy was actually trying to commit suicide by jumping off a 4-storeys high building. I think it was in front of the building but luckily he didn't jump down when my car went pass. Policemen were all there and even the fire bridget was there for the rescue, it was really a mess around that area. The roads were blocked and jammed the traffic up. But I was not really interested with what was happening at that time because I just want to concentrate to look for a parking space because I was super duper hungry at that moment...
I am not sure you guys still remember my past few blogs, something got to do with motivation. Sometimes, it is really not worth to terminate your life as a step to solve some personal issues e.g. love matters, family issues, financial status etc. Nothing in this world does not have a solution. Remeber this "There is always an answer for a question!" But death is not the ultimate solution for all problems. I am not sure whether they do think of those people who care for them, do they mind? But it was quite a good ending for this so-called event as that person changed his mind and he was taken into the police station, i guess so. Committing suicide is considered as an offence.
As I always like to say, "Life is like a dream". There are always obstacles in life but we can't solve everything by ourselves. That's why God made friends to live with us. Why friends do come and go? Because they are just a 'passer-byer' to aid us to overcome our obstacles. No matter it's joy, happiness, sadness etc, they are actually obstacles. Don't you think that a happy ending doesn;t need a sacrifice? Sorry to say that, it is very silly to carry every burden by yourself, making yourself a piece of burden, getting yourself into trauma and finally "freak out". Please, don't hesitate... Huu..
Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Felicia's Birthday (back dated on 31st July 2009)

Oopss.. I nearly left this out, but luckily what I have is not long term memory lost (LTMT)..
About 2 weeks ago, my U'mates and I celebrated Felicia's 22nd b'day at Bubba Gum, Sunway Pyramid. We went there after our late afternoon class and some even had their nonRx test before going there. Everyone took all the trouble to make their own way there just for the dinner. But luckily, no one lost his or her way there. Haha..


Shrimps Again

And More Shrimps

Ok, let's talk about the food. It is really heaven of shrimp. Every dishes in the menu is all about shrimps only. It's just too bad for those who allergic to shrimp but I am sure that the shrimp lover will be delighted. Taste wise for the food is ok, 1 set is exactly fit for one person. Not too much and not too little! As for the drinks, they are a bit too expensive. Haha.. Maybe you can get your bottle of sky-juice if you want to save cost.

The Birthday Cake that earned me a McFlurry!!

The Girls

The Guys

I think this is the Couple..
Ok, I think that's all for this "report". Yea, by the way. "Run forest run" means you want to get rid of the waiters.. lolzz.. Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Just Some Motivation..

Life is always challenging.. Life is like a roller-coster..

Though we can always find peace, joy and gladness in life but I am sure that there will be some part of our life is our down-fall period. Some may fall very badly and it might be hard to get up back. This is the time where we will be demotivated and easily give. Some may thought of commiting suicide as the way to settle all problems. But in my opinion, this is the most stupid way of solving a problem. This is not only creating more problem to themselves, but they are also creating more problem to their love-ones, the society and even the environment.

Here, this is a very great video which I'm sure that it will give you motivation and climb back up to overcome the obstacles. I was very touched when I first saw this. I can't really imagine how far can I go if I'm like him. I, including you are much more fortunate than him. I hope that you can get back the grip which pull you up to continue to fight for a better life.

(Hye, I am really sorry that I can't get the video clip on my blog due to some technical error. i have been trying the whole day already, maybe it's due to the incompatible file format)

I have the link over here:

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Thursday, 6 August 2009

No Electricity = No Need To Study

"Tak.. Tak.. Tak.. Tak.........."
Argh.. I hate listening to this sound in a pin-drop silent night. This means that there is an electricity breakdown in my housing area and there is only my alarm clock which is functioning. CRAP!! The worse part is I got to get out of my bed to open the window to get some cool night breeze to enter my room. But when I think of opening my windows, I will not dare see what is outside of the window because it’s kind of spooky when you see all the houses are pitch-black in colour and not even the street lights are on. Err. It’s something what you see in those deserted housing area like in movies of House of Wax or maybe Simon’s Say. It’s so eerie that until… Ok, fine.
This always reminds me about a camp that I went during my secondary. It’s actually a team building camp for the prefects. I can consider that this is my first camping trip in my life, not even before I join the scouts. Ok, back to the story. So the weird part of the camp was that all the participants were woken up at about 2am for jungle trekking. OH MY GOD!! I just know that I was very exhausted in the night before and I hardly have enough sleep as I just slept for about 1hour. I got no choice but I got to just follow the camp commander to enter the jungle with half of my eyes closed.
As you know the jungle rules, you are not allowed to shine your light here and there as to avoid getting attraction from the “penunggu”. So everyone was prohibited from taking their touch light into the jungle. As the whole group of us was walking in line through the jungle, it came to our surprise where there was a mother and a child came from no where and asked for direction in dark. I can’t really see them well as I was the 10th person in the line. I just know that they really took a lot of our time; I think it was about 15minutes that we got stuck there. So sad, this made us the blood reservoir for the mosquitoes, heaveans of heavens of luxuries for them. At that moment, the front line people were already suspecting that there was something not right about the 2people. Don’t you think that it is strange to see someone with a small kid asking for direction at about 3am in the jungle? Next, where did they go after that? Anyway, this made everyone in the midst of confusion after the jungle trekking session which ended about 6am. From that onwards, I always make my prayers before I enter the jungle or even a camping trip.
Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Monday, 3 August 2009

Everything About The Past One Week Including Nuffnang

I am sure that everyone has been waiting for some updates from me for a very long time. Terribly sorry if you have been looking forward for my new blog for the past one week as I was super duper busy with my school stuff, my lab reports, my school’s society etc……
My society’s AGM just passed today and the budget has been proposed and approved by the members, so it is time for me to have a rest before getting a kick start for the preparation for the oath taking event. Haha. Actually I made havoc today during the AGM as I was a bit too nervous when facing the crowd. I lost my grip on my first sentence when I was addressing all the students; I accidentally stepped and unplugged the mike etc. Oh, gosh! This is really a huge embarrassment of me especially for the year 1 students. Anyway, it is really a good exposure for me as I am having 2 to 3 times more of this kind of things in near future. I still got to present my final account report; I still have my literature review presentation and also the final presentation for my research project. Hopefully, it is not going to be a massive havoc at that time.
Yea, everything for this semester is going to be tough especially having both of the deadly subjects together which are pharmaceutical analysis I and endocrine system. And again, I am having a community pharmacy attachment in one month time to come and an industrial attachment at the end of the semester. But it is this semester which makes me understand more about the role of community pharmacist and the purpose of me taking up this course as I am studying non-Rx. I just had my mock test for patient counselling and drug recommendation last Friday. I am a bit lucky to get pass as my lecturer tested me on the knowledge of oral contraceptive pills. I prefer to be tested on women’s health rather than complicated conditions such and nasal congestion, cough etc. Haha. Or maybe something got to do about menstrual pain. Anyway, this is not up to my decision on what condition should I have for my final exam.
And lastly, I got my first Nuffnang cheque finally. They have been pending it for more than one and the half months to get my cheque sent here. Ok, I shouldn’t be complaining so much but I got to be thankful for everyone for their support for my blog and also Nuffnang too.

Hmm. I think I still owe you guys some updates about my work at Astro Talent Quest event and Felicia’s birthday celebration at Sunway. Actually I am still waiting for the pictures from my so-called big sister and so, I get you guys update about these soon. Thanks and have a nice day.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Should I Be Selfish This Time?

Sometimes I can't really decide when is it right and when is it wrong?
Should I continue to be like that or shoudn't I?
Or should I be selfish this time?

I know that I will not be happy in near future and even wouldn't be happy forever if i continue to be like that. I always know that it is always responsibility which kicks me out of the boxing ring but I am too weak to fight back. Ok, fine! I don't mind to do things which I don't prefer but it becomes frustrating when my effort is not appreciated and get rejected everytime. Anyway, should I come up with a conclusion now or I should continue to be like that?

Should I be selfish this time?

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Thursday, 23 July 2009

My Research Project - Part 1

After I have been figuring for so so so long whether should I take up the research project, I got the answer finally.....
As before, I have been having the thoughts of taking up the research project since week 1, but I know that I surely can't cope up with my studies if I take up the research project as I have an event to organised for my society. It's really a MUST event for me because I have no way to run from this "responsibility". So I have been starting to have meetings and putting in 99% effort to do my best for that event. Since then, I didn't think of taking up the research project anymore.
As I am preparing the UCSIUPSS budget for this upcoming AGM as well, I get to know that the head of school has cancelled off my event. This is because the head of school prefers us to join the university's prom night and moreover there will be more resources funded by the university, so it will be more GRAND. Ok, that's fine with me as I always think for the pros and the cons. I feel that the pros and the cons are equal, so I let the surroundings to influence me and the cons got the "victory". Thus, I am free from any "responsibity". My life will be study, lab work and come back and sleep.
A few days later, it comes to my delight when I heard that the dateline for the research project application has been extended. That's where I started to look for information about all the 7 choices given by the school. Too bad that I am a bit late to hand in my form because someone else has taken my first choice, so I got to take a research project whereby I need to deal with 20 rats. Haha.. Actually it's all about toxicity studies of a herbal product. I don't mind dealing with rats compared to frogs. Yucks.. With their slimy skin. Just having bad feeling when you have it in your hands and without a glove too. Ok ok, don't think about it already. Anyway, I hope that I can enjoy the process of doing my first undergrate research project.
Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Public Health Campaign in Sunway Pyramid - 3rd to 5th of July

After finishing my final touch on the PHC final financial report, it looks like it’s time for me to concentrate on my studies. But before I move on updating anything about my studies, I think I should give some updates about an event which was 2 weeks ago. Haha.. I am terribly sorry for those who have been waited for this since long time ago.
About 2 weeks back which was on the 3rd to 5th of July 2009, my faculty actually organised an event, the 8th Annual Public Health Campaign at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. The aim of this event was to disseminate health-related information to the public, doing free screening tests, entertaining the kids etc. The response was quite good as we hit 1963 customers during that 3 days event.

Launching of the Event by the VVIPs

The "Heart" for the Opening Ceremony. Kudos

Various Screening Test Counters

Exhibition Site ~ All About Diabetes
Compunding Counter ~ Compounding Emulsion
Demonstration by the Medic Students
As from my personal opinion, I have actually learnt a lot of things. I have no regret in working so hard for this event as the outcome that we have gotten was far beyond my expectation. It was really an eye opener for every working staff as this is the kind of environment and society that we are going to face in the future. Building up good relationships and dealing well with the customers are important so that they can gain full confidence easily in us. Though it was a bit sad for the working members as they can’t go for the outdoor mini concert by Eason on Saturday but good comments by the public has paid a good price for it already.
The Crowd
The Working Staff
Thanks and have a nice day^^

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