Saturday, 14 November 2009

Mission To Be Accomplished

The day began at 5am today because I slept early last night. I am now very energetic even though it's 2.30pm now, maybe it's because of the delayed effect of Nescafe which I took yesterday. Hopefully, studying will be my main programme for today. As for lunch today, my mission of cooking tom yam is on! Amateur cooks always have bad estimations, so all the ingredients looks to be more than the noodle itself. Haha.. So here are my ingredients...

Those are my main ingredients with some minced pork in replace of chicken meat, a bit of seafood. Rabbits always love carrot, so there goes my carrot as well as some cabbage + mushroom. Lemon in replace of lime so that it will taste better.

Here's my back-up item, in case things are not on the right way! Hee..

After with all the pots and pans, finally here's my tom yam with noodle. One thing good about cooking your own meal is you can put what ever you want in what ever amount you want! But the worst part is if you cooked too much, you got to stuff everything down your throat. Or else it will be a waste. lolzz.
In conclusion, my mission was quite successful but there are many improvements needed as well. For example, carrots and cabbage do not really go well with tom yam, onions got to be in bigger pieces and remember to add more salt as well. So the following picture wraps up everything for this blog. SO DAMN FULL!! burp...* =p Excuse me about that.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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