Thursday, 17 December 2009

Year End: Part 2. Pray, Pay and Obey!

Pray when you enter the church, pay during collections and obey when the priest says “The Mass is ended, all go in peace.”

In another scenario, pray for my girlfriend for good health, pay for whatever she wants and obey whatever she says.

Lastly, pray for myself that my wife will not make me heart attack, pay NOT whatever she wants and obey NOT whatever she says.

When it is your girlfriend and your mum drop into the water, who will you save first? And when it is your wife and your mum drop into the water, who will you save first? I can assure you that most of the guys can give 2 different answers. But as for me, I don’t think I will save both. Ha-ha. My friend’s sister at the age of 20 had got married with a 30 plus years old guy; I was really in a shocking state when I heard it. Though the girl has achieved maturity physically but it is not mentally. In most of these cases, they may end up divorce but I don’t really hope that this tragic happens. In today’s world, love is no more easy and marriage is no more a responsibility. Why! Because SEX is the reason for love and SEX is reason for marriage as well. What to shame about? Average age of teenagers losing their virginity is getting younger. *No further evaluation as to avoid criticisms. Agree with me?

Life doesn’t just stop here. Life ends when you start to give up.
To be continued...

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