Friday, 25 December 2009

Year End: Part 6. Liverpool

When it comes to Liverpool, it is another sad thing to say about. What a disappointed season it is!

They have now lost 4 games more compared to last season but there is a long way to go. Though they have beaten MUnited but people will never forget about Liverpool losing to Chelsea and Arsenal as well. "With 1 good thing, people can spread it to 3 other people; but with 1 bad thing, people can easily spread it to 10 other people." This is what life is all about!

But as a faithful supporter of Liverpool, I will continue to support Liverpool forever. I just hope that Benitez can really fix the matter now or else it will be too late to fix it at the end of the season. I pray hard and hope that they can buy new world-class players and win the FA cup as well as Europa League cup. Yea, I have a very funny video clip to share down here. It's about Liverpool and Arsenal. Enjoy and Merry x'mas!!

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