Thursday, 17 December 2009

Year End: Part 1. It’s All About Life

It has been quite a while that my blog is not updated. Anyway, I will update everything in one go now. Bear with all my fruitful stories.

For the past few weeks, I was terribly busy with outings, dinners, gatherings, literature review, and supplementary paper for marketing and last but not least, industrial attachment. As for my research paper updates, I have handed in my second draft and I am now waiting for reply from my supervisor. I, Kevin would always want to make my life interesting, it is not about enjoying, and having fun with entertainments and so on but it is always thing which is beyond its limits, whereby it is beyond your imaginations. I am searching for some extraordinary benefits for example experience in life or maybe it is philosophy of life.

Just talk about one of the gathering. I went out with my friends for dinner in Kepong last Friday. Err. If you want to know about the dinner, it was not that satisfying. “I went there with hope but left there with disappointment.” Anyway, the day didn’t just stop there. We went 游车荡 along the road of Chow Kit at about 11 something before heading to Star Hill and Pavilion. As everyone knows, that road is famous with prostitutions. Ouch. Mind your own business; I know most of you will not even dare to go near there. As from my experience, they are always hidden at the dark unseen staircase along the shop-lots, waiting for customers even though there is a police station nearby. It’s strange right? I don’t know I should have some sense of sympathy or elicit some social anger towards them as AIDS and STD are spreading more widely in today’s world. Anyway, that’s their source of income.

When I reached Star Hill and Pavilion, it was totally converse with what I saw minutes before. It was all about status and luxuries. Luxury cars parked along the road between Star Hill and Pavilion like no body’s business, everyone is having a cigar in their hand, some even got drunk at the bar etc. It is kind of heaven for guys as they are free to flirt with the girls. Wow, luckily they are not having sex at the street as this is Malaysia. Anyway, I admit that it is also a heaven for me but I considered it more as an eye-opener. Ha-ha. =p Another thing ran across my mind, I wonder why they can spend money so easily and freely, is it that money can be earned easily nowadays? Seated at the sofa at Star Hill, second floor facing Pavilion at midnight, it would be a luxury for me if I have a glass of whiskey in my hand.

Got Chased by the Guards from Pavilion.

Life doesn’t just stop here. Life ends when you start to give up.

To be continued…

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