Monday, 20 June 2016

Paper Boat @ Hilltop, Kota Kinabalu

If you are looking for a different kind of prawn noodle in Sabah, you can try it at Paper Boat @ Hilltop (few shops away from New Mui Vui Coffee Shop). One thing very special is that they can prepare a bowl of noodle (either prawn noodle or asam laksa) based your request. There is a whole list of ingredients that you can choose from and not to worry because their portion of each ingredient is big even though you choose all types of ingredients. As for my comment, taste for the prawn noodle is good but you won't get the real taste of it if you choose to have too many ingredients with the noodle. Whereas the broth for the asam laksa is a bit diluted and lacking of the fishy taste. So go for the prawn noodle as your first choice if it's your first time being there! As for the price wise, it's a bit more expensive compared to some other places. =)

 Prawn Noodle with lots of ingredients including prawns, roasted pork, egg etc.

Asam Laksa with prawn sauce and lots of fish meat, onions, cucumbers etc.

Total was about RM 20+ for these 2 bowls of noodle with a glass of chinese tea. You can order alcoholic drink if you want! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day! =)

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