Wednesday, 28 January 2009

It's new year, a brand new year..

It's second day of chinese new year today and i am still sitting at home and do nothing. It's kind of a different new year this year because i am celebrating it in a "solemn" mood because my grandma passed away recently. No visitngs, no calling friends coming over for visiting, less ang pau this year. Anyway, this is the chinese custom that I got to follow- "The folks' law".

Why is it so? I couldn't give the exact answer, I am just a crack-pot which knows nothing about chinese custom. But what I should know for now is that I will bring bad luck to other people if i happen to visit their house or joining their celebrations e.g. weddings, birthday party, full-moon and so on for this year. Adui.. But I really got no choice. Come on, just forget about that.

I was in front of the tv the whole day but the movie which made me recap the most is "Rob-B-Hood". I recap that movie is not because about when or with who was the first time I watched that movie, but it all about the characters in the movie. Kids, kids... Live life simple, thinking simple. Don't you think that thinking simple like them will make you having less worries and to live more happily. Wake up, eat, drink, sleep, wake up again and the cycle begins again and again..

Anyway, folks, just celebrate chinese new year happily and forget about me for this year only.. hee.. Cheerss

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