Monday, 19 September 2011

Passage of Life

I was actually back to my hometown to visit my granduncle during the week. He had brain tumor (diagnosed 3 months ago) and most probably he is going off within these few months. He can't speak but he knows our presence when we were there, the sad part is when my parents told him to come down to KL and pay us a visit when he recovers. As what the Chinese always says, 生老病死(Born, Aged, Sick and Death) is the passage of life for everyone. He is now 80 plus, I am sure he has enjoyed his entire life and did a lot of wonderful things for people around him already. Perhaps it is time for him to return to God.

Being the youngest in the family, just finished my studies and having parents who are almost 70 years old, everything for me to think now seems to place them as priority. Should I consider myself fortunate or unfortunate to come to earth when my parents were about 40 plus?! I would definitely say, I was too fortunate because they were the ones who brought me to earth to enjoy life. Sometimes I might think that my vision is too narrow because I would never ever think anything beyond 10 years for them, but I should say that at least I give myself enough time to accomplish what I supposed to accomplish in this coming 10 years. 10 years from now, they are almost 80. What else can I do for them when they are almost 80?! Maybe they prefer staying at home and watch the TV 24/7 when they are more than 80.

Anyway, no matter how bad your parents treated you in the past, they are still your parents. Give them more care and it shouldn't be in terms of MONEY! Spend quality time with them or give them a call frequently if you are working out-station. I am sure your parents will ask no more than this...

Enjoy and have a nice day...

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